Install deb Linux Operating System Easy Ways

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How to install deb package?

To be able to install a linux deb is very easy. There are several ways that you can use to be able to install from deb.

If you are new to Linux, you will find several ways to install software such as .deb files, flatpak, snap, default software center and others.

However, many developer provide a deb files. Such as install the google chrome deb file, then there are two options given .deb and .rpm.

Before we proceed to the installation, let’s take a moment to know, what are deb packages?

What are deb packages?

deb is debian file format. it can be installed on debian and on various debian based linux distros such as ubuntu, linux mint, mx linux, parrot, zorin os, pop os, elementary os, deepin linux, antiX linux, and many others.

Then how to install this deb file?

There are at least 4 ways you can do it, either through the terminal and the package manager application. In this article I give an example through the OS I use, namely Pop OS.

Ubuntu deb install using apt (a = advanced, p = package, t = tool )

apt is an Advanced Package Tool that has functions to interact with the package system, one of which is to install deb files.

a. apt install package command

To use apt in the installation process, use the command “sudo apt install deb package” as the following example;

sudo apt install package_file.deb

As for other commands to be able to use apt, can be read on the apt command page.

b. apt remove package command

To be able to remove applications that have been installed using the apt function, you can use two functions namely “remove” or “purge”.

Remove will remove the application but leave the configuration file behind on linux.

Purge will remove the application and its configuration file. the command used is:

sudo apt remove package_name
sudo apt purge package_name

Ubuntu deb install using dpkg (d = debian, pkg = package)

dpkg is a debian package that has the same functionality as apt in that it interacts with the package system.

The difference between dpkg and apt is in their capabilities.

dpkg is a low level tool and apt is a high level tool which has more functions to do.

a. dpkg install command

To install deb packages with dpkg is also similar to apt and the method is very easy, you only use the command “sudo dpkg -i” and “package_name/software” with a .deb file format.

sudo dpkg -i package_file.deb

* -i stands for install

b. dpkg remove command

To remove an package from linux using the dpkg command, use the following command:

sudo dpkg -r package_name

* -r stands for remove

Using gdebi package installer

gdebi is a software that functions to install deb files using a gui interface. With gdebi doing the installation is very easy for new linux users, it is similar to the .exe file if on windows.

gdebi by default has been installed in various distributions. But for those of you who don’t have this software, you can install it first using the terminal with the following command:

sudo apt install gdebi

After installed, you will see it looks like this:

Install deb Linux Operating System Easy Ways

Using Eddy Package Installer

Eddy is basically similar to gdebi. By defualt it is available on POP OS or Elementary OS by default. It’s very easy to use.

If you want to install Eddy, click button below:

To view it is as follows:

Install deb Linux Operating System Easy Ways

Using default Ubuntu Software Center

If you are using Ubuntu, you can use the default Software Center for the ubuntu install deb package file.

The trick is to right-click on the file. Tthen click Open With Software Install. Then click Install. Done.

Hopefully this article is useful.

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