How to Choose Best Linux Operating System?

Best Linux Distro

Lately a lot of Windows and Mac users are switching to Linux. Various reasons are also available, such as slow Windows, frequent automatic updates, blue screens, not responding to privacy problems, expensive of MacBooks. Then how do you choose the Linux Operating System that is right for you?

Before we get into the main discussion, let’s review a brief history of Linux itself.

Brief History of Linux

When we mention Linux, it’s basically not an OS but a Kernel. The author is Linus Torvalds for the first version, 0.01, in 1991. This kernel is made like Unix so it is called Unix-like.

Then this kernel was developed by several people/communities, then a kernel was added to the basic system software packages and other supports, so that it became a distribution. Currently, Linux distributions are called operating systems.

The two big parents that bring down many distributions are Slackware and Debian. Also many other types of distros are available. for details you can look at the Linux Distribution Timeline.

Basically, every linux distros has the same core, namely the Kernel. The base of the kernel in general does not differ from one distro to another. The most common things that make a difference are the Base Command, Desktop environment, and the default Preferred Application.

So that it affects linux performance such as speed, beauty, and stability. Therefore, I will share my experience to increase our knowledge together.

Okay, let’s continue our main discussion. how to choose the right linux for you?

This question is included in the second question, for what purposes do you use Linux?

This needs to be explained to be able to find a suitable distro.

How to choose Linux Operating System?
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Distro for Beginner / Daily Use

If you use a PC or laptop with a minimum Processor of Intel Core i3 and 4GB of RAM, then this list of distros for beginner / daily use is suitable for you. But if it’s below that, you should read the section on Linux Distros for older PCs.

For beginners, I suggest you use debian and ubuntu-based because of the convenience it provides. Here I give a list of linux distros for beginners or everyday use:

  1. Linux Mint
  2. Zorin OS
  3. Ubuntu
  4. Pop OS
  5. Elementary OS
  6. MX Linux KDE

Distro for Old PC

If you have an old laptop or PC, you should install a Linux distro that uses a low memory desktop environment (DE). Among them are SpaceFM, XFCE, LXDE, LXQt.

In this section I will share a list of linux for older 64-bit systems. If you need a list of 32-bit linux, please read the article list of 32-bit linux.

The Desktop Environment can run quickly and smoothly, so you can comfortably use a distribution that uses the DE.

The list of Linux distributions for old PCs is as follows:

  1. antiX Linux
  2. Debian
  3. Lubuntu
  4. Linux Mint Xfce
  5. Ubuntu Mate
  6. Xbuntu
  7. Zorin OS Lite
  8. MX Linux KDE
  9. Kubuntu
  10. Elementary OS 5.1

Distro for Programming

The very important factors for Linux to do programming work are system stability, support for supporting packages, speed, productive flow, and beauty.

I have tried various distros for programming and here is a list of linux distros that are suitable for programming:

  1. Pop OS
  2. Elementary OS
  3. Ubuntu
  4. Linux Mint
  5. Fedora
  6. Manjaro
  7. Debian

Why did I choose this list? you can read my reasons on the Linux page for programming.

Distro for Untuk Graphic design, Multimedia Production and Publishing Tools

Of course the most sought after for this distro is application support, appearance and system stability. So that it can support the productivity of your work.

Here are some lists that are suitable for those of you who are looking for a Linux distribution for graphic design, multimedia production or publishing tools:

  1. Fedora Design Suite
  2. Ubuntu Studio
  3. Elementary OS
  4. AV Linux
  5. Linux Mint Cinnamon
  6. LangitKetujuh

Distro for Hacking / Penetration

Linux for hacking by default has provided tools that support hacking, penetration, network engineers, sysadmins and security specialists.

Some of the most famous are:

  1. Kali Linux
  2. Parrot OS
  3. backbox Linux
  4. ArchStrike
  5. BlackArch

Have you found the right linux distro for you? Comment below. Hopefully this How to choose Linux Operating System distribution article is useful for you.

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