Convert PDF to JPG in Linux, Mac and Windows

Convert PDF to JPG

In some conditions, we need to convert pdf to jpg.

Here I will share several ways on how to convert pdf to jpg.

There are two ways to to convert a pdf into an image, Offline and Online.

Offline is by using an software, while Online we use a website service.

Online Conversion

One of the advantages of online conversion is that it is capable convert PDF to multiple JPGs at one time.

1. PDF to Image

The advantage is that the interface is very simple and easy to convert. The results can be said to be sufficient, not too good and not too bad.

2. Adobe Acrobat

The advantage of using this pdf to jpg converter by Adobe is that it automatically compresses the image size, so the file size is smaller.

But the drawback is, the image resolution is not good if the document we are converting has a wide page area.

3. Small PDF

The advantage is that the resulting image is more detailed than the two lists above, pdf to jpg hd.

The drawback is that the resulting file is larger.


I Love PDF is another conversion tool with similar quality with small pdf.

Offline Conversion

1. PDF to JPEG (Windows)

2. Any PDF to JPG (Windows)

3. Inkscape (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Inkscape is known as a free vector graphic software design . This is an open source similar feature with Corel Draw.

Apart from graphic design, Inkscape can also convert pdf to image. But, inkscape will give us .png formatting file image, pdf 2 png. following the guide.


  • Open the Inkscape Software
  • Click the File menu > Open
  • Find and select a pdf document file
  • A document pop-up will appear on the page to how many you want to convert
  • Click Ok
  • Select all (CTRL + A)
  • Export (CTRL + SHIFT + E)
  • Export Area, select Selection Button
  • Give the file a name
  • Then click Export.

4. GIMP (Windows, Mac, Linux)

GIMP is a photo manipulation software like the Photoshop. however this is the open source version.

GIMP can also convert pdf to image.

It’s easy by steps:

  • Open GIMP
  • Click the File menu> Open
  • Find and select a PDF file
  • Then the export pop-up will appear like this
Convert PDF to JPG in Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Click Import
  • After reading the pdf, for conversion click the File menu
  • Select Export As
  • Then a file storage pop-up will open
  • Give the file name + the image file type, for example “tes.jpg” for a jpg image.
  • Then click the Export button which is below the right of the pop-up.

5. Libre Office Draw (Windows, Mac, Linux)

By default Libreoffice Draw does not have this conversion feature. However, there are additional plugins that must be installed.The way is easy enough. Here’s the guide:

  • Download the plugin here with the .oxt format.
  • Open the Libre Office Draw
  • Click the Tools menu
  • Then select the Extension Manager
  • Click Add, find and select the ExportAsImage file with an .oxt extension
  • Then Restart Libre Office Draw
  • Open LibreOffice Draw
  • Click the File menu> Open, find the pdf file you want to convert
  • Click the File> Export menu, a display will appear to write a name.
  • Click on the bottom right list as in the following image:
Convert PDF to JPG in Linux, Mac and Windows
  • hen select the image type > Save.

5. Macbook PDF to JPG

Using the default pdf Preview application on the mac. The trick is:

  • Click 1x PDF file
  • Click the File menu
  • Click Open With
  • Click Preview
  • Then the PDF file will open
  • Select the File menu
  • Click Export
  • Click Format (drop-down)
  • Then select JPEG, PNG, JPEG-2000, OpenEXR, TIFF as desired
  • Also set the quality you want to produce
  • Click on Save

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