Linux for Programmer in 2022 (My Experience)

Are you a programmer?

I think a programmer will look for a stable, light, beautiful and fast OS that will increase their productivity. In this article I will give my opinion about the best distribution linux for programmer.

The distributions below are I’ve tried.

Linux for Programmer in 2022 (My Experience)


Pop OS is currently a distro based on ubuntu that is suitable for programmers. The default features in it has supported productivity at work.

It is Auto tilling that can tile the window screen automatically, thus speeding up your programming. By default it is integrated with Pop-Shell.

Then a search window such as a spotlight and Dock menu like MacOS.

Workspaces that still use the vertical model. Lot of packet of software can be install easy.

Pop OS has provided a Hybrid Graphics menu, which means you can install this OS on various types of laptops graphics.

Last is available and can be customized keyboard shortcut.

This OS is my favorite to use, because of its stability compared to Ubuntu. However, I admit the UI for this OS is not as comfortable as ElementaryOS.

To download Pop OS, please click this button:

Elementary OS

Why ElementaryOS became my second choice. The main reason is stability and beautiful interface.

This one distro is very comfortable for me to run on an old machine. Besides that, it looks like a Mac. font types, logos, colors, menus and other apperace make me feel at home looking at this OS for a long time.

For programming purposes I think it’s very influential because we will continue to see beautiful desktop screens.

In addition, Elementary is very smooth in multi-gesture and workspaces, so that productivity in doing programming is increased.

I have to admit, currently there is no OS distribution as beautiful as ElementaryOS. If you want a comfortable user interface, ElementaryOS is the choice.

To download this OS, you can click the following button:


I also have to admit, Ubuntu is the best for programming distro. Supported by an excellent community, you can find the solution you get as long as you meet the constraints.

Also I have to admit that even though Ubuntu now supports the latest Gnome and it’s better in the user interface, I prefer Unity.

even though Unity is no longer the default in Ubuntu, you can still experience unity in the latest community-managed ubuntu, read here.

To download new Ubuntu, click this button:

Linux Mint

There is no doubt that linux mint has become the second king after ubuntu in recent years. Supported by packages that are easy in use, linux mint can now be used as an option in the programming process.

Linux mint also provides an xfce version, where this DE is very compact, but fast and stable. It’s suitable for you old laptop.

Also if you want a fresh look, you can also try DE Cinnamon and mate.

If you want to download the latest Linux mint, click the button below.


I like Fedora, of course it’s not from debian, but from Red Hat. Nonetheless, this OS distro is stable for Linux for Programmer usage.

If you’re used to the Red hat line, you’re perfect for using right this OS. Click button below to download new Fedora:


Some people like Manjaro because it’s stable and light. The availability of DE xfce makes users like it more.

but it’s also not a derivative of debain, emalinkan from Arch Linux. If you are familiar with arch linux, I recommend Manjaro as a distro that is suitable for programming.


It is the parent of Pop OS, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and ElementaryOS. Light and stable are the main features of Debian.

Debian is a distro that is suitable for programming too, although it doesn’t look as beautiful as Pop OS, ElementaryOS and Ubuntu, but debian is perfect for those of you who don’t care about appearance.

The reliability of Debian is unquestionable, from which many distributions were born.

If you want to try it, please download the DVD version, because it’s already built in various types of DE and applications.

To download debian , click this button.

The above distro is a distro that I’ve tried directly and feel comfortable with it other than debian. In addition to my review above, there are still many that you can use for Linux for Programmer such as MX Linux distributions, Garuda, Zorin, Linux Lite, Kubuntu, ubuntu mate and many more.

Note 1:
If you want to try it first before you install it Linux for Programmer to your laptop/pc, you should install it in a virtual box so you can choose the one that suits you.

Note 2:
If you install your linux and you find that your laptop is overheating, please read the article on how to fix an overheating linux laptop here.

Hopefully this Linux for Programmer article is useful.

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