Install codecs in Pop OS & Other Ubuntu Family

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Multimedia Codecs Linux

In this article i will give step to Install codecs in Pop OS & Other Ubuntu Family. By default, Ubuntu does not include software packages for Audio, Video and DVD decoder multimedia formats. Because there are legal provisions that apply in some locations.

Therefore, to be able to use codecs in the ubuntu variant, you need to install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package.

Sourced from wikipedia Ubuntu Restricted Extras is a package for Ubuntu and based on it that contains several package:

So with one command below you will get everything.

Install codecs in Pop OS & Other Ubuntu Family

Install ubuntu-restricted-extras

To install ubuntu-restricted-extras package very easy, it’s only 1 line command. Now, open a terminal, use the following command:

sudo apt install -y ubuntu-restricted-extras

Error Unable to locate package ubuntu-restricted-extras.

If you encounter this error, you can fix it by installing additional packages. I made a separate guide which you can read here.

If the installation was successful you will see results in the terminal like this:

Now, please try playing an audio or video using a multimedia player.

VLC Multimedia Player

As long as I use linux, by default the codecs are not installed. but if you install VLC, automatically, VLC has provided codecs so you can use it to play various forms of multimedia formats.

Hopefully this Install codecs in Pop OS article is usefull.

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