Simple Lightweight Linux Distro in 2023

Simple Desktop Environment

If you like a clean and simple design, the Top Simple Linux Distro and Most Popular articles are the right choices. Using Linux with a simple display will increase the productivity of your work. In this article, I will share some lists from my experience using different distros. Here is a list based on the lightest.

Zorin OS Lite

5 Simple Linux Distro Lightweight Desktop Environment

Zorin OS Lite is a distribution that is very simple and similar to Windows 7. The desktop used is the same as Linux Mint above, namely XFCE. So that makes this distro included in the lightweight distribution that is suitable for old laptops. Zorin is also ubuntu based and you can use installation packages like ubuntu too. It’s very easy to use.

There are two versions of Zorin Desktop Environment, namely GNOME and Xfce. If you are using an old laptop, I suggest you use the Lite version. it makes you run apps fast. If you are interested in Zorin OS Lite, you can click on the following Zorin OS download button:

Linux Mint XFCE

5 Simple Linux Distro Lightweight Desktop Environment

If you are a novice in terms of Linux, I suggest you try Linux Mint XFCE because this distro is a light, fast, and stable Linux. The icon and menu placement is very simple and you can search for applications easily. In addition, the community support and packages provided are already numerous. So you can easily get a solution if there is a problem with your distro.

I have used this distro for many uses, especially in programming, graphic design, and daily work. It is a very stable Distro based on Ubuntu. If you want to experience the appearance and speed of processing on this distro you can use the following buttons:

Linux Mint Mate

Linux Mint Mate is a Linux operating system designed to optimize the performance of older or slower computers. With a simple and friendly user interface, Linux Mint Mate is perfect for novice users or those who don’t want to use an overly complex operating system.

By using Linux Mint Mate, users can extend the life of their old computer by speeding up the performance of its operating system. Apart from that, users can also save money by using this free and open-source operating system.

MX Linux KDE

5 Simple Linux Distro Lightweight Desktop Environment

I have tried various KDE Desktop environments and I find MX Linux KDE is the lightest for my old laptop. KDE is a pretty good desktop environment to use if you like changes to beautify your appearance. This distribution is perfect for those of you who like and often change the main display.

This distribution is based on Debian so it can run smoothly and stably. Besides MX Linux KDE, the MX Linux team also released a super light distro, Antix Linux. I have made a comparison between Lubuntu and AntiX Linux based on RAM. If you are interested, you can read about it on this page. If you are interested in trying out this KDE version of MX Linux, click the download button below:

Elementary OS

Lightweight Desktop Environment OS

Without a doubt, Elementary OS is a very simple and MacOS-like distro. Yes, that’s correct. But after I tried versions 5.1 and 6.1, I concluded Elementary OS 5.1 is the lightest version. But if you have high enough hardware, please upgrade and use Elementary OS 6.1 and 7.

This distribution uses a desktop manager, namely Pantheon. It is also similar to existing ones such as those on MacOS. So if you previously used MacOS and want to use Linux, I highly recommend you use elementary OS. If you are interested in the latest elementary OS, please download it using the following button:

Ubuntu Mate

Linux Lightweight Desktop Environment

Ubuntu Mate is a very simple and lightweight variant of Ubuntu. Although other variants are available very lightly like Lubuntu, Xbuntu, and Kubuntu, I feel Ubuntu Mate is a variant of Simple Linux Distro.

In addition, in this Linux, there are more than 5 built-in DE themes that you can use easily through settings.

Based on ubuntu, Linux Ubuntu Mate is also very easy to use. If you are interested, please download using the following button:

That’s a simple Linux distro as long as I live my day with a Linux distro. That’s based on my personal experience maybe you have your own views.

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