Lubuntu vs Antix RAM Comparison Linux

In this article I will give my opinion and present a comparison table of Lubuntu vs Antix Linux RAM Comparison. This is very useful for those of you who are looking for a distro with low RAM usage.

Low RAM usage is needed for those of you who are still using an old laptop/computer. In this article I will compare these two lightweight linux.

If you are still using a 32-bit system architecture, I have written a list of linux that still supports 32-bit systems which you can read here.

Before into the comparison table between the two lightweight linux, let’s take a little look at the reviews of both.


Lubuntu is an ubuntu based linux distro that uses the LXQt desktop environment and follows the ubuntu version. At this time in, the Lubuntu version used was 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish).

Apart from being lightweight, Lubuntu is a distro that has a complete package. After installing, you can use this distro for daily usage such as watching videos, listening to music, reading pdfs, browsing, programming and so on.

However, for programming itself, this laptop is not optimal (my opinion) because it does not support good auto tilling. By default tile windows are not active, but can be activated by editing a few files.

If you are a programmer, I have a list of linux options suitable for programmers, these are all based on my experience. You can read a list of linux for programmers page.

LXQt is very light, after I compare it with XFCE on linux mint. Therefore, Lubuntu became my favorite distro for old laptops.


Lubuntu vs Antix RAM Comparison Linux

Antix Linux is a debian-based linux distro that uses the SpaceFM desktop environment. Previously I never glanced to try this distro. But when I saw on DistroWatch that AntiX was in a good position and I gave it a try.

The result is amazingly light. For the display it looks stiff, but it is very useful for your old laptop or computer.

There are also many applications that are available by default. So, if you have finished installing this laptop, you can immediately use it for your daily needs.

The good news is that AntiX linux is also available on 32bit systems. I have listed it in the list of 32 bit linux which is still available today.

Therefore, I also include this in the list of Linux for old PC.

Comparison Table Lubuntu vs Antix

Therefore, I would like to give a review and compare the two distributions above. But to put a limit, the laptop I use is a Lenovo T400 with a dual core processor and 4GB of RAM. This laptop is released in 2008 (14 years ago).

For the linux versions I’m comparing these are Linux Lubuntu 22.04 LTS and AntiX-21.

The applications that I use in this comparison are:

  • Firefox Browser
  • Brave Browser
  • Chrome Browser
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Inkscape
  • LibreOffice Writer
  • KDEnlive

All the comparisons above are done when the software is just open (idle). Here are the results I got:

RAM Comparison Table

Without Open Any Software± 487 MB± 167 MB
Firefox± 805 MB± 425 MB
Brave± 788 MB± 501 MB
Chrome± 722 MB± 460 MB
Inkscape± 580 MB± 310 MB
Kdenlive± 726 MB± 432 MB
LibreOffice Writer± 582 MB± 348 MB
VSCode± 1100 MB± 655 MB

From the results, I got that AntiX is very lighter than Lubuntu. You can try it now.

I hope this Lubuntu vs Antix RAM article was useful to you and made your day. If you want to share this article, use the share button below.

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