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In this article I share a guide how we can enable and Set Autosave Time LibreOffice to save our work.

LibreOffice is an office suite that has powerful features. It is generally available in various distributions because it is open source and free to use.

Within LibreOffice, there are 5 different offices, namely:

  1. LibreOffice Calc (similar to MS Office Excel)
  2. LibreOffice Math
  3. LibreOffice Writer (similar to MS Office Word)
  4. LibreOffice Draw
  5. LibreOffice Impress (similar to MS Office Power Point)

LibreOffice Download

If you want to get the latest version of this Office Suite, you can download it for your OS, both Linux Operating System, MacOS and Windows.

Click the following button to go to the download page:

If you are a linux user, the default office file is “.deb”. If you don’t know how to install it, please read the How to Install a Deb File article. If you want to use PPA Repository, read the Install Latest LibreOffice using PPA article.

Set Time Autosave LibreOffice

By default, autosave in libreOffice is not enabled. So if you forget to save your work, it will be lost instantly.

It is therefore important to set an autosave time to keep your work in a safe state.

It’s very easy to set libreoffice’s autosave time. For example I provide a guide on LibreOffice Writer.

  • Open LibreOffice Writer
  • Click Tools menu > Options
  • Click Load/Save > General
  • Check Save AutoRecovery information every
  • Click Apply

For details, see the following image:

How To Set Autosave Time LibreOffice

Done. Now you can check that your document will be saved automatically every 5 minutes. Please set the time according to your wish.

Hopefully this article on Set Autosave Time LibreOffice was useful.

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