Guide to install android studio Linux Pop OS

Install Android Studio Linux From tar.gz File

In this article I will share a guide for you how to Install Android Studio Linux Pop OS Distro in various ways.

There are several ways that we can use to install Android Studio on a Linux Distro:

  • Download tar.gz file
  • Using Pop! Shop
  • Using FlatPak
  • Using Snapcraft

But for now I will explain how to do the installation via the tar.gz file downloaded via the official Android Studio page.

This way allows you to use the latest version that has been released directly by the Android team.

Android Studio Linux Requirements

There are several things you need to pay attention to to be able to install smoothly on your linux distro. The Android-Studio system requirements for Linux Operating System :

  • Any 64-bit Linux distribution that supports Gnome, KDE, or Unity DE; GNU C library (glibc) 2.31 or later.
  • x86_64 CPU architecture; 2nd generation Intel Core or later, or AMD processor with support for AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) and SSSE3
  • RAM 8GB or more
  • 8 GB minimum available disk space (IDE + Android SDK + Android Emulator)
  • Minimum screen resolution 1280 x 800

Download Android Studio For Linux

For the first time, if you don’t have the installer file from Android Studio, please download the latest Android studio linux first by clicking the button below:

When you click the download button, a pop up Terms and Conditions will appear. Please scroll down to the end and check “I have read and agree with the above terms and conditions” under the pop up.

then download the application. It will download files >900MB. Make sure you use wifi to do the download.

The downloaded file is in the tar.gz format, which means that you can install and run Android Studio on various types of Linux distributions, including Debian, Red Hat and Arch Linux.

If the file has been downloaded, then in the tar.gz file there is a folder named “android-studio” as shown in the following image:

Guide to install android studio Linux Pop OS

Extract Android Studio File

Now, the file has finished to download. We have to extract the file because the installation file is in the /bin folder.

Open a linux distro terminal. If the download file is located in the Home > Downloads folder, use the following command to enter the download folder.

cd Downloads

Extract the tar.gz file using “tar -xf file_name” command:

tar -xf android-studio-2021.2.1.15-linux.tar.gz

When the extract is complete, move the folder that was previously in the tar.gz file to the /opt folder, using the following command:

sudo mv android-studio /opt/

The android-studio folder has now been moved to the /opt folder.

Go into the android-studio folder using the terminal, use the command:

cd /opt/android-studio/

If you want to see the files in it, use the following command

## or ## 
ls -l

Then the result will appear as like this:

Guide to install android studio Linux Pop OS

Install Android Studio Linux

The installation files are in the “bin” folder. Now let’s go into the bin folder using the command:

cd bin

Now, we are in the /bin folder. To start the installation simply use the following command:


Keep “Do not import settings selected and click OK on the prompt”.

Then the application will appear ready to be installed, consider the following picture:

Guide to install android studio Linux Pop OS
Guide to install android studio Linux Pop OS

Until here, please continue the installation by clicking Next button according to the configuration you want.

Don’t forget to download some extensions installed by android studio like the following image for smooth running of the application.

 Let's Install Android Studio Linux From tar.gz File

Please wait until the application is successfully installed.

Add Android Studio in App Menu

If android studio install linux has been completed, by default android-studio does not add app launcher in your Application Menu. So you don’t find the android studio logo if you search in the Menu.

To solve that problem, please install alacarte.

Alacarte is a main menu application that we can use to create android-studio shortcut icons.

The alacarte install command is as follows:

sudo apt install alacarte

If the alacarte installation has been completed, still in the terminal, open the Alacarte application with the command:


Then the application will appear as follows:

 Let's Install Android Studio Linux From tar.gz File

Now, on the left sidebar (Application) of Main Menu (look at the picture above), click the Programming menu, add “New Item” and use this conf:

Name : Android Studio
Command : /opt/android-studio/bin/
Logo : /opt/android-studio/bin/studio.png

 Let's Install Android Studio Linux From tar.gz File

If done, please click OK.

Done. Now you can search for android studio applications in the Linux Operating System application menu that you are using.

android studio in linux pop os

If you get an error in the installation process above, please comment below.

Hopefully this install android studio Linux article is useful.

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