Types of Electric Motors For Electric Cars

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Electric Motors

Types of Electric Motors for Electric Cars – Brushed DC motors (brush motors) are the most widely used electric motors in the automotive world. In AC motor applications such as BLDC are also widely used.

Electric motors are divided into two parts, namely DC and AC motors. DC motors consist of permanent magnets. AC motors are divided into synchronous and induction permanent magnet motors.

Motor selection in the automotive world is widely used types of DC Permanent Magnet and AC Synchronous Permanent Magnet.

The reason is that this type of motor has a better ratio of (physical) size to power and a lower system cost for mass production.

While motors with external excitation have a worse ratio.

Types of Electric Motors For Electric Cars
Types of Electric Motors For Electric Cars
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Generally, the mains voltage used in motors for automotive is 12V, while the 24V voltage is usually only used for large automotives such as trucks.

There are also those who use 48V as the synchronous engine voltage for the “Mild Hybrids” drive system.

Stepper motors are only widely used in low power range applications and drives.

Brushed DC Motors and Synchronous Motors cover applications requiring currents below 1A to 100A.

Some synchronous motors are even operated with currents up to 500A.

DC Brush Bi-Directional

The DC brush motor is one of the most widely used motors. One reason is that this motor can be operated in both directions.

Some examples of their use in the automotive world are as follows:

  • Close HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning)
  • Headlight beam control
  • Mirror position
  • door lock
  • seat position
  • Close / Open window
  • Windshield wiper (Wiper)
  • 4WD Transfer Case
  • Electronic Throttle Controller
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (Exhaust)
  • Variable Valve Timing
  • Wind loop and tumble cover
  • Resonant charging cover
  • Air Ventilation Regulator
  • Auxiliary Water Pump

DC Brush Uni-Directional

  • Kipas HVAC
  • Kipas Pendingin Mesin
  • Penggerak Pintu Geser
  • Pompa Minyak
  • Wiper

DC Brushless (BLDC)

This motor can be used as an alternative to a brushed DC motor, including:

  • HVAC Fan
  • Engine Cooling Fan
  • HVAC Valve
  • Pump for Oil, Water, and Lubricants.
  • Sunroof Valves multiple purposes


Stepper motors can be found primarily in instrument displays and position control applications. Some of the uses of stepper motors in automotive are:

  • adaptive headlight leveling
  • Close HVAC
  • Idle Speed
  • Instrument Sharing

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM)

  • Power Steering Listrik
  • Starter / Generator
  • kendaraan listrik traksi utama (xEV)

I hope this Types of Electric Motors article is useful.

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