Arduino Minimum Schematic Using KiCad

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Build Your Own Arduino

Arduino Minimum Schematic – As electronic consumers, of course, we already know the various types of Arduino, starting from Arduino Uno, Nano, Micro, Mega and others.

From Italian companies to Chinese home industries, many Arduinos have been released because of the open source circuit. On this occasion, I want to share with friends, how we can make our own Arduino with our own name.

I have tested the circuit in this project and it works. But what needs to be underlined here is that this circuit is the minimum circuit of the ATmega328-PU.

I designed this Arduino using the Kicad software. Kicad is an open source PCB design software.

Kicad can make schematic design, create your own library, PCB design, create your own footprint, 3D Viewer components, create PCBs up to 6 layers, gerber viewer, circuit calculator tools, etc.

Make our own Arduino is a satisfaction for us because with this we can make designs according to taste and can add our own logo.

There are 3 steps in making this Arduino, make schematic design, PCB design and PCB.


You can follow the following schematic. I have tried myself and it works, but if you want to add features, just do it as you wish.

Arduino Minimum Schematic

PCB Design

From the circuit above I made a 2 layer PCB using the Kicad, but here I have not used the SMD component yet, so for those of you who are still beginners.

This project is perfect for starting to build your own Arduino. You can see the results of the PCB design in the image below.

Arduino Minimum Schematic

One of the features that I really like in this Kicad PCB design application is, the 3D Viewer.

This feature allows us to see a picture of the final result of our PCB design in 3D.

PCB Printing to PCB Printing Services

After the design is complete, I print this PCB design to a PCB design service. I recommend the following two websites JLCPCB and PCBWAY because I have ordered there.

This is a company in China, I found the price is very cheap. The result is that the PCB I ordered is as shown in the circuit below.

Arduino Minimum Schematic

For programming the ATtemga328 uC, I use Arduino as an ISP.

That’s all I can share, hopefully this Arduino Minimum Schematic article is useful.

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