Control Servo Motor Using Serial Monitor

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Servo Motor Serial

Servo Motor Using Serial – In some project applications, we will control or control a servo motor via serial communication. Using Arduino we can easily do this.

Servo is a motor that can be controlled to rotate to a certain level. In general, this servo motor can rotate from 0 degrees to 180 degrees.

Some can rotate up to 360 degrees. This motor has three wires. Two of them are + and – and one is for data. The data cable is used to control the rotation of the servo motor.

This servo motor is a major component in robots, servo robots, RC cars and RC planes. To control this servo motor is very easy.

With the help of the Servo.h library that has been provided on the Arduino IDE, we simply enter the number of degrees of rotation of the motor, the arduino servo motor will rotate according to the number of degrees we want.

Popular servos used for this tutorial are Servo Tower Pro MG996R, Tower Pro SG5010, AX12 Dynamixel, Tower Pro SG90, Tower Pro MG90, Savox 1268SG, Savox 1267, Savox 1251, Savox 1256, Savox 1258.

Control Servo Motor Using Serial Monitor

Basic Code

We will use arduino as the basic servo controller program and convert the above values ​​to drive the servo motor, as follows:

#include <Servo.h>

Servo myServo;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  while (Serial.available() != 0) {
    int val = Serial.parseInt();

The above program has been tried and worked. The above is a basic guide on how servos work.

If you understand this, chances are you can understand how to control high-speed, high-speed servo and hybrid servo drives such as 5kg servo motor, 15kg servo motor, 20kg servo motor, 30kg servo motor, 100kg servo motor.

Famous manufacturers such as Tecnica servo, Bosch servo, Lenze servo, Elmo Motion, Beckhoff Servo Drive, Omron Servo, Parker Servo, Lenze 9400, Kuka servo motor, Mitsubishi servo drive, Siemenst sinamic v90, ABB servo motor, Allen Bradley servo motor, Hiwin servos, Panasonic mbdjt2210 servo drives.

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