Install Processing Ubuntu Using Terminal

Processing In Ubuntu

Let’s Install Processing 4.0 Ubuntu Using Terminal. Processing was launched in 2012. Until now Processing has entered version 4.0. Processing is included in the cross platform, where it can be installed on Windows OS, MacOS and Linux.

Processing version 4 no longer uses Java version 8, but uses Java 11. In addition, currently the Processing application no longer supports computers with 32-bit architecture, but only 64-bit, such as at least Windows 10 (64-bit), Linux (Ubuntu 18.04, 64-bit) and MacOS (Mojave and Catalina).

At the time this article was written, the version being tested was still in beta. To be able to install processing to the Linux Ubuntu OS, please follow these steps.

Install Processing Ubuntu Using Terminal

Download Processing

Processing is available for Linux (Intel or Rasberry), Mac, and Windows.You download first by clicking the following button:

Download Processing Linux

For example this tutorial i download procesing version 4.

Extract It

After the download is complete, open a terminal and use the following command to extract:

tar xvfz processing-4.0b2-linux64.tgz

Move To OPT

After the extract is complete, move the processing folder to /opt using this command:

sudo mv processing-4.0b2 /opt/

Navigate the terminal to the /opt . folder

cd /opt/

Go to the Processing folder

cd processing-4.0b2/

Do Install

Perform the Installation


Wait a moment, done. Now processing has been installed on your computer and ready to run.

Processing Tutorial

If you want to learn more about processing software, you can learn more on the official website. You can go here.

I hope this article is useful.

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