Resistor Types Based on Value, Shape and Raw Material

Resistor Types 

Because symbol of resistor are very widely used in electronic devices, there are several types of resistor distribution, including resistors based on resistance value, shape, raw material and use.

Therefore it is important for us to know the type of resistor. The final goal from here is that you can choose correctly the components you use for the PCB when you want to print on pcb services such as PCBWAY, ALLPCB, JLCPCB and so on.

Resistor Types Based on Value, Shape, Raw Material and Usage

1. Based on Value

When talking about resistance values, resistors are divided into two types, Fixed Resistors and Variable Resistors..

a. Fixed Resistor

Fixed resistors are resistors that have a fixed value of resistance. Usually this resistance value can be known based on the color of the bracelet or the number written on the resistor body.

In addition to having a fixed value, this resistor also has a tolerance value, temperature coefficient and power capability.

For self-tolerance, these fixed value resistors have a range from 0.001% to 20%. The smaller the tolerance value, the more accurate the resistance value.

For the temperature coefficient value, this fixed resistor starts from the value range of -1500/ -900ppm/degree Celsius to 1800ppm/degree Celsius.

For power capabilities, these resistors have power capabilities ranging from 0.05W (1/2W) to 150W.

Fixed Resistors are very many derivatives or types depending on the material that makes up the resistor itself, but in general, based on the material of manufacture, it is currently divided into four major groups, namely:

  • Carbon Resistor (resistor made with carbon material)
  • Film Resistors (resistors made of metal oxide are usually low-power)
  • Wire-wound resistors (resistors made with wire windings are usually high power)
  • Semiconductor Resistors (resistors made with semiconductor materials)

b. Variabel Resistor 

A variable resistor is a resistor whose value can be changed. The process of changing this value can occur due to human influence, temperature and light.

These resistors are of several types:

  • Potensiometer
  • Rheostat
  • Thermistor
  • Magneto Resistor
  • Photoresistor
  • Humistor
  • Force Sensitive Resistor

2. By Shape

Resistors when viewed from a physical form consist of 3 types, namely:

  • THT
  • SMD
  • MELF

3. Based on Raw Material

Resistors have many types that can be made based on the composition of the material. Each resistor material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

As for based on the material, the various resistors are::

  • Carbon Resistor
  • Metal Element Resistors
  • Metal Film Resistor
  • Thick Film Resistors
  • Thin Film Resistors
  • Wire Wound Resistors
  • Semiconductor Resistor

4. Based on Usage

Because the use of this resistor is very wide, it would be nice if we know the type of resistor based on its application, including:

  • Power Resistor
  • Current Sense 
  • Resistor Automotive 
  • Resistor Safety Resistive 
  • Moisture Resistant Resistor

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