Recover Inkscape File When Crash In Ubuntu

Recover Inkscape File

How to Recover Inkscape Files Lost During Crash – Inkscape is open source vector graphics program using Inkscape SVG (*.svg) default format. Besides being able to be saved in SVG format, Inkscape can also be installed to the following format:

  • .svg
  • .svgz
  • .zip
  • .dfx
  • .eps
  • .emf
  • .fxg
  • .gpl
  • .hpgl
  • .html
  • .tex
  • .tar
  • .xaml
  • .odg
  • .pdf
  • .ps
  • .pov
  • .sif
  • .wmf
  • .zip
Recover Inkscape File

As for export of images can be:

  • .svg
  • .png
  • .tiff
  • .jpg
  • .pdf
  • .webp

Inkscape is Cross Platform software, it’s mean that it is installed Windows, Linux and MacOS. Therefore, coupled with its Open Source aka Free, this application is very widely used by all over the world, including me.

However, because of its free nature, sometimes there are still some obstacles that I have experienced, such as when I was designing, the software suddenly crashed or error caused the Inkscape to close suddenly without any prior warning.

If you are familiar with the Corel Draw software, if the Corel Draw error occurs, there usually show a “Pop Up” or a warning screen whether the application wants to be forced to close or wait until the error disappears automatically.

Well, for those of you who are experiencing the same thing, here I will tell you how to recover the last inkscape file, or it has not been saved at all.

Moreover, the designs that we make are very much edited and have not been saved.

Where Is The Inkscape Temporary Folder?

  1. Find where the cache file is located. This cache file or in Windows is often known as a file that is in a temporary folder or temporary file.
  2. How to find out is, reopen the Inkscape software.
  3. Click Edit > Preferences > Input / Output > Autosave
  4. Now see the form Autosave Directory. Then you will to know where it is.
    For example, now I use POP OS (Ubuntu Linux Varian). Maybe you using other OS and will be different folder for this.
    The cache folder or tmp is at folder:
  1. Open .chache/inkscape folder and search file with new date. Now open it using Inkscape
  2. Tara‚Ķ. File is back.😊

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