Make Icon Shortcuts on Ubuntu & Elementary OS

Desktop Launcher on Linux

DeMake Icon Shortcuts on Elementary OS – Elementary OS is one of the most beautiful distros in my opinion. I am currently also using this distro.

The advantages that I feel are, the user interface is easy, fast, not hot and easy to use.

Carrying a MacOS-like design, this distro is perfect for replacing MacOS if you want to switch to Linux.

Elementary OS software can be installed on Linux from various sources. There are direct file downloads such as deb, tar, zip formats. There are also through Snap and Flatpack,

Most of the cases I experienced if we install applications from compressed files such as tar.gz, or other formats, then the shortcut does not appear in the menu.

To be able to make shortcuts appear in the menu, an application is needed to create app shortcuts. One of the menu editor applications is Alacarte.

How to Install Alacarte Menu Editor on EOS

Please open a terminal, then use the following command:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install alacarte

if the download has been completed, you can use “AlaCarte” in the menu of this distro. Then it will appear like this:

Make Icon Shortcuts on Elementary OS

How to Add Shortcuts To Menu

Look at the picture above.

  • Click New Item
  • Enter the name of the application in the Name form
  • Navigate the application to the folder where the application is located by clicking Browse
  • Enter the application icon by clicking the icon form on the left
  • Click OK

For Example:

  • I want to add a blender app shortcut.
  • Blender files are located in the /opt/blender-2.83.0-linux64 folder folder
Make Icon Shortcuts on Elementary OS
  • Write in the form the name “Blender”
  • Enter in the Command Form the address of the blender application, in this case /opt/blender-2.83.0-linux64/blender
Make Icon Shortcuts on Elementary OS
  • Insert Blender Icon
  • Click OK

Now the shortcut app is in the Main Menu as shown below:

Make Icon Shortcuts on Elementary OS

Done. I hope this Make Icon Shortcuts article is useful for you.

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