iPhone SE 2022 Is The Cheapest, worth to buying?

iPhone SE 2022 Is The Cheapest,

iPhone SE 3

2022 is the year of cutting-edge technology. Like the Apple Inc. They have released an iPhone at a very low price, is the iPhone SE.

Flashback, in 2016 Apple introduced a Special Edition variant. That’s the iPhone SE 1st generation.

At that time, quite a lot of special edition smartphones were sold.

What makes this iPhone labeled special edition?

The answer is that this variant is cheaper price with latest technology in a slim body size.

Generation and Specification

There are three types of iPhone SE based on generation, namely 1st generation (SE 1), 2nd generation (SE 2) and 3th generation (SE 3).

For comparison, I make this table:

SpecsiPhone SE 1iPhone SE 2iPhone SE 3
Display4″4.7″ HD4.7″ HD
Rear Camera12MP12MP12MP
Back Camera1.2MP7MP7MP
RAM (Minimum)32GB64GB64GB
ROM (Minimum)128GB128GB128GB
Battery1624 mAh1821 mAh2018 mAh
Release Year201620202022

Are you sure you want to buy?

If we compare between the SE2 and SE3 in the table above, there are no significant changes in both. Except for the chipset, battery capacity and price.

Now, is the SE 3rd generation worth to buying?

I give 5 reasons to you. Are you not to buy or keep buying this phone.

5 Reasons not to buy it

  1. Design has not changed. It’s same like 2nd generation
  2. Update on chipset and battery only
  3. Camera resolution is 12 mega pixel. It’s same as the 2nd generation
  4. The screen is 4.7″, It’s same as the 2nd generation too. It not comparable to the functionality of the A15 chipset.
  5. Price is $30. More expensive than 2nd.

5 Reasons to buy an it

  1. The design is compact, mini, fits one hand and fits comfortably in a clothes pocket.
    If you are looking for a mini-sized smartphone, with high performance. This iPhone Special Edition 3rd generation is an option.
  2. The upgraded is only on the chipset. But, It makes this smartphone the highest performance and you can invest, use for years to come without missing out on innovation.
  3. Battery increase to 2018mAh, it will be very sufficient for daily use. This phone is extremely power efficient. From one review, doing full gaming + screen recording for up to 3 hours, only consumes 38% of power.
  4. Cheapest price, if you compared to others iPhone variant in 2022.
  5. Supports 5G connectivity. You will feel lucky for the year ahead.

So, which one is right for you?

Do you want to buy it? Or save your money to the iPhone SE 4 later?

Hopefully this iPhone SE 2022 article can be a reference for you.

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