STM32 Arduino Library Tutorial (STM32F103C8T6)

Install STM32 on Arduino IDE

STM32 is a chip produced by the company STMicroelectronics in America, while CKS32 is a chip manufactured by the company CKS in China. They have the same specs. I have tried STM32 (STM32F103C8T6 or blue pill). This is a good microcontroller.

To use STM32 Arduino library programming using the Arduino IDE, we must install the board library to the Arduino IDE. There are two ways to add it, download it from the Board Manager or download it manually. If you want to go through the board manager, use the following method.

STM32 Arduino Library Download

In this article, I use the library board from the stm32duino where we can see the development of the library on the Stm32 Arduino library GitHub.

a. Via Board Manager

One of the easiest ways to install stm32 Arduino ide is through the board manager using Roger Clarks core. With this, we can choose the version of STM32 Blue Pill that we want to install.

  • Copy the following link:
  • Open Arduino IDE -> Click File menu
  • Click Preferences
  • Paste the link above in the Additional Boards Manager URLs form
  • Click OK
  • Click Tools -> Click Board -> Boards Manager
  • Search with the word “STM32“, then you will see something like the following image:
How to Install STM32 Arduino IDE Library
  • Choose a library according to the type of microcontroller you have, then click install.
  • Done.

Install Manually

If you don’t want to do it via the board manager, you can do the installation manually. Follow these steps:

  • Download the library package by clicking the following download button
  • Once downloaded, extract the file and move it to the hardware folder in the Arduino folder.
  • If the Arduino folder only has a library folder and no hardware folder, please create a hardware folder.
  • The order of the folders is like this:
    /home/your computer name/Arduino/hardware/STM32duino-bootloader-master
  • Done.

Hopefully, this article is useful. If this article Install STM32 Arduino IDE doesn’t work, you can contact me by commenting at the bottom.

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