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INSTALL PARSE FAILED INCONSISTENT CERTIFICATES This happens because the previously installed application has the same name as the one you want to install but has a different certificate in Android Studio.

Uninstall Apps Through Linux Terminal

Open a terminal (linux, because I use linux) then type :

adb uninstall your_app_name

For example my project name is “com.hamnic.myapplication”, so I use the command:

adb uninstall com.hamnic.myapplication

Then click the Run App menu in Android Studio, then the error will disappear.

Uninstall the APP Via Windows CMD

This is different from linux, when we write “adb” in the terminal and in “enter”, it can be directly accessed, but in windows, when we write “adb” in the Command Prompt (CMD) then when “enter ” it says ” ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command”.

This means that the command prompt cannot access the adb file. For that we need to set the path where the adb file is located.

The adb file is in the “platform-tools” folder. For example the case on my laptop is stored in the directory.

To set the path so that CMD can access the adb file, please click the Advanced system settings menu.

Then click the environment variable as shown below:

Then click the Path list, and click Edit:

Click “New” (1), then enter the address of the directory where the adb file is (2). Then click “Ok”.

If your CMD is still open. Please close. Then open again.

Now you can access commands using adb.

This INSTALL PARSE FAILED article is based on the author’s experience.

That’s it.

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