How to Fix Full Memory on Smartphone

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Full Memory Capacity

How to Fix Full Memory on Smartphone – Memory on the phone is an important component for storing data or files.

The newer the smartphone, the larger the size of the memory storage used even though the physical size is getting smaller. However, many smartphone users complain that the memory of their gadgets fills up quickly.

Memory on the phone is divided into two types, namely internal and external memory.

Internal memory is a subordinate memory on the phone and cannot be replaced, while external memory is additional memory that is embedded like a microSD.

How to Fix Full Memory on Smartphone

If you use external memory, when the capacity is full, the easiest way to solve it is to replace the microSD card.

However, if the full memory is internal memory, then we cannot replace it like external memory. It is undeniable, the more recent the smartphone, the more memory it takes.

One source is photos and videos. The more sophisticated the cellphone used, the greater the storage space needed.

Here are some tricks and tips on how to deal with full memory on a smartphone. then how to free up storage space without deleting the app?

1. Delete Unused Photos and Videos

One of the causes of full memory is photos and videos. Generally, Files of videos and photos have a high size compared to other files.

There are various cases, such as the number of similar files (duplicates), photos or videos that are not important, photo and video data downloaded from the youtube, WA, and so on.

Please re-check the file because this is the most powerful way to deal with full memory on a smartphone like Android.

2. Delete a Cache

Cache is a file that contains a history of usage data from an application. If you install Instagram, for example, there will be Instagram data stored in the cache. The longer you use Instagram, the larger this cache size.

In general, this cached data is mostly unused data. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the “settings” section.
  2. Select the “app management” or “installed apps” menu.
  3. Select the application that you want to clear the cache.
  4. Click “clear cache”.

3. Manage Social Chat Apps

Chat applications such as whatsapp and telegram have an auto download file feature. When this feature is activated, especially if you are a member of a group, then all data that is shared or sent will be downloaded automatically to your cellphone.

This will certainly become a full memory bomb over time. Please turn off this feature to save your android smartphone storage space.

4. Avoid Installing Heavy Apps

Some applications have a very large size, some of which can reach 1GB more. Applications that often make memory full is Games. From that try to consider properly installing applications that require a lot of storage.

5. Use Eksternal Memory Card

External memory is the best solution you can use. To date, several smartphones have supported microSD up to 1TB. 1 Tera Byte equals 1000 GB.

6. Set camera photo storage location to External Memory

By default, the smartphone will save data from the camera to the internal memory. Because the internal size is small, please set the camera photo storage location to the microSD external memory.

7. Backup data

The last way I can recommend is data backup. Some smartphones do not support microSD. However, this can be overcome by moving important data to a laptop or flash drive via OTG.

That’s all I can give information about overcoming full memory on an Android smartphone. If this article was useful, please share it with your friends using the various buttons below.

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