Install Fritzing Linux Ubuntu and Mint

Fritzing Linux Ubuntu

How to Install Fritzing Linux Ubuntu and Mint 20 – Fritzing is an application that can model electronic devices in 3-dimensional form.

This app is free, but version 0.9.4 is already paid. In this article we will install version 0.9.3 but with the update part that we took from Fritzing’s github.

Install Fritzing Linux Ubuntu and Mint

Fritzing Features

Fritzing has 4 main features namely, Breadboard, Schematic, PCB and Code. The brief explanation is as follows:

  • Breadboard is a page that visualizes electronic components and their circuits.
  • Schematics is a page used to design circuits or schematics, this feature is a basic feature if you want to design a PCBPC
  • PCB is the page used to design PCB
  • Code is a page that is used to create program lines. With this page we can program microcontrollers, one of which is Arduino Uno directly without Arduino IDE.

How to Install Fritzing Linux Ubuntu

Use the following command for installation on linux terminal.

//Linux system updates
sudo apt update

//Install Fritzing
sudo apt install fritzing*

If you get an error like “sudo: git: command not found”, please install GIT on your linux.

Hopefully this article is useful.

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