How to Earn Money With Your Skills

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How to Earn Money

How to Earn Money With Your Skills True Ways – Everyone needs an income which he can continue his daily activities. But not everyone has the same opportunity. Keep in mind that we can’t make money easily when turning the palm of the hand before hard work.

Here I want to share tips on how to earn extra income with your skills, especially those related to the digital world.

How to Earn Money With Your Skills True Ways

Works at Company

Working in a company is one way to get quick money that you can do, this method is the most common way, the easiest way of thinking.

With us working in a company, the salary you get is stable, some companies provide insurance, up to career paths.

How can you get a company quickly?

One of the fastest ways is to look for job vacancies in JoobStreet, and can also create a Linkedin account so that a company can contact you.


Freelancing is one of the most lucrative options. You can make a lot of money in a relaxed way not tied to anyone.

You can work wherever and whenever you want. Until you produce something that is requested by your client.

For example, if you are basic in programming, then you can offer yourself to clients to be able to create programs or websites for them.

For example, if you have graphic design or video editing skills, you can open logo design services, graphics, barners to making film projects.

For example, we are looking for a project that is worth 10 million or we are looking for a small project of 10 small projects that cost 1 million each.

How do you find freelance work?

If you have never started as a Freelancer, then the first step is to work in the closest environment first. friends, neighbors, relatives even though the salary is small at first, but this is useful to build trust and collect experience and list your portfolio as a project that has been made.

How do I search for projects as a Freelancer in the World?

There are several sites that provide projects for Freelancers including: Freelancer, dan Fiverr.

Make a Digital Products

Do you have the ability to create digital products such as Graphic Design, Creating Website Templates/Themes, Animations, Plugins, E-Books, E-Cource, Photography and others?

Have you ever thought about selling it? This method is a relatively easy way to get a money because you can make 1 product and then sell it several times and this is a lucrative way to earn money from the internet.

Where can we sell it? Here I give some recommendations for marketplaces that specifically sell digital products:

Become a Content Creator

For content creators, this is a way to earn money online, but the process is relatively longer. But this way also earn money for a long time too. Indeed, making money online like a content creator requires a lot of patience in some circumstances.

In this way the plus value is proportional to the minus value.

At least content creators are divided into 2 category, Visual in the form of Video and Text in the form of writing.

Video, for example, is creating content on YouTube. While writing is like creating a blog, like Blogger or WordPress.

Where does the money come from this way?

There are at least 4 ways to make money with Content Creator.

  1. Google Adsense
    This is a way to get money from google. Your youtube channel or your blog can work with Google Adsense, where later ads from Google Adsense will appear on your YT channel and blog. When a visitor clicks on the ad, you will get a money from Google.
  2. Affiliate Marketing
    This method is to sell other people’s products in your videos or on your website.
  3. Sponsor
    This method is often done by the company to people who already have a lot of visitors on their YT channel or blog.
  4. Livestream Video
    This method will later relate to Donations. Usually viewers who participate in the Livestream Video that you share, send a small donation or the general term “Giving a cup of coffee” by sending money to you.

Make Open Source Project

Creating an open source product may be relatively more difficult because you must have a very broad and deep knowledge of the product you want to make.

For example, currently there is an Open Source software called Blender. It is a 3D Modeling software where they (creator of software) must have basif of programming skills, animators, visual effects and so on.

But it is possible you can make it yourself. If you can’t handle all of this, you can invite your friends to release your goal.

Money earned from this open source project is usually through donations.

For example, there are people who use your product, because he was helped by the product you made, then gladly, he gave you a little reward in the form of money.

Just imagine, if you make an open source software and help as many as 1 million of people, 500 of them reward you in the form of money as much as $ 50, then you can imagine, the money you receive from 500 people is $ 25,000.

Make A Software and Sell It

Well, this method is almost the same way as making Open Source, the difference is that for each software, you set your own selling price.

Hope this articel is useful.

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