Best 5 Linux Distro 2022 In My Experience

Best linux distro for laptops

2022 is the year of Modern Linux. This year many updates have been made. Therefore, in this article I will share the list of Best Linux Distro 2022 in My Experience.

I have spent a lot of time using linux since 2011. For that, I need to say that the linux that I describe here is my personal use which I feel like stability, beauty, light and fast.

I migrated from Windows to Linux for several reasons, namely my laptop is old so it can’t run the latest Linux properly.

Here I am using a Lenovo ThinkPad T400 Laptop with only 4GB RAM.

Pop OS

The first order is Pop OS. I put the first order because of the stability of the system.

As long as I use Pop OS, I don’t have any problems. All smooth.

If you use a Laptop or PC that uses Nvidia’s Graphics Card, Pop OS is a linux distro that I recommend to use because by default, Pop OS has provided a special ISO file for Nvidia.

Best 5 Linux Distro 2022 In My Experience

I’ve used various linux distros on my Asus ROG which uses an Nvidia GTX 1050 i Card, but it’s Overheated. So that caused my keyboard controller chip is damaged. It seems that the Nvidia driver is not available properly, so I need to set it not to overheat. You can read the article How to Reduce Overheat in Linux.

In addition, some of the exclusive features in Pop OS are Launch applications, Auto Tilling, Multi Gesture in touchpad, and more.

Pop OS also uses the latest Gnome and can be customized nicely using Gnome Tweaks.

I think this is the best linux distro for developers and gaming.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS is a Linux distribution made to resemble MacOS. If you are a Mac OS user, Elementary OS is a great choice for migration. This is best looking linux distro.

In addition to the beauty that is given, this Linux Operating System also provides stability in its use.

Best 5 Linux Distro 2022 In My Experience

It’s also very smooth if using a laptop or PC for NVidia, but I’m not sure they provide drivers for nvidia or not. However, I can use it smoothly without overheating.

Elementary is perfect for those of you who are looking for a luxurious Linux distribution, simple to use.

But unfortunately, elementary OS can’t be fully customized using Elementary Tweak. So there’s not much that can be custom changed.

MX Linux KDE Version

I didn’t imagine before that KDE had more speed compared to XFCE. The user interface of MX Linux is very user friendly.

If you were previously a Windows user, you might like it.

Based on debian, MX linux can install a variety of applications that are widely available, both for packages from the ubuntu repository.

Best 5 Linux Distro 2022 In My Experience

In addition, the speed and stability of Linux needs to be appreciated. Very fast and smooth without any problems.

Linux also provides many basic tools by default.

If you want to try the Linux MX KDE version, you can try it live using a Bootable USB.

I suggest you use Balena Etcher to create a boot USB. Please balena etcher download here.

Linux Mint

You no longer doubt this Linux distribution. I have tried almost all used DEs like XFCE, Cinnamon, Mate. It’s very stable.

But here I explain, Desktop Environment or often abbreviated as DE will eat your RAM with different capacities.

If you want an elegant look use the Cinnamon version but it will take up the most RAM compared to XFCE and Mate.

Best 5 Linux Distro 2022 In My Experience

If you want a medium DE, please use the Mate version.

But if you are still using a laptop or old, I suggest using XFCE instead.

Linux mint is best linux distro for work.

Wait, your laptop or PC is still using 32-bit?

Relax, linux mint still provides a 32-bit version. For more details, please read the List of 32 bit linux that is still available in 2022.


Why isn’t Ubuntu my number one choice?

That’s right, I don’t know why I get that Ubuntu is consuming more resources on my laptop. A little slow that I feel.

Maybe it will be suitable for those of you who use a laptop with higher specifications.

However, the ability of Ubuntu you do not need to doubt anymore. Ubuntu is the most advanced Linux operating system.

Best 5 Linux Distro 2022 In My Experience

Ubuntu is a very popular Linux operating system, so many repositories are available.

It also uses the latest Gnome. For those of you who still miss Ubuntu Unity, it’s still alive. Try Ubuntu Unity 22.04, download on this page.

Your Laptop Is Too Old?

Are you currently using an old laptop that can no longer run modern Linux? take it easy, you are another option that you can use. Read more in Linux for Old Computer article.

Have a nice day.

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