Install Inkscape 1.2 on Ubuntu PPA 2022

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Inkscape 1.2 On Ubuntu

Install Inkscape 1.2 on Ubuntu PPA – Corel Draw is one of the most popular graphic design software among designers. Many use the software for their purposes, both in terms of business or hobbies.

Since there is no paid Corel Draw application available for Linux, let’s take a look at Inkscape a bit.

Install Inkscape 1.2 on Ubuntu PPA 2022

Inkscape is a graphic design application that can be said to be almost similar to Corel Draw, both in terms of features, appearance and usage.

The biggest advantage of this Inkscape application is that it is Open Source and can be used for free. In addition, this application is also cross OS, which means it can be installed on Windows, Linux to MacOS.

Install Inkscape Using terminal

Through the official Inkscape page, there are several package sources that we can use for the installation process, namely through Flatpack, Snap, and Personal Packages. Of the three types of source packages, I prefer to use personal packages using the terminal by adding the Inkscape repository to our system.

Why do I prefer to use the Personal Package repository over Flatpak and Snap? The reason is file size.

Using flatpak and snap, the file to be downloaded will be very large, can be 5x larger in file size than the Personal Package repository. I don’t understand why it happened or there is a security advantage, I don’t know.

In my experience, when I install the Arduino application using a personal package, it only has a file size of 105MB if I’m not mistaken, but when I try to install it using flatpak it is up to 800MB, while through snap I can’t get the exact size.

So from that, here’s how to install Inkscape using the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install inkscape

Hopefully this Install Inkscape 1.2 on Ubuntu PPA article is useful.

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