Add apt repository command not found, How to fix it?

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How to fix it Add apt repository command not found

Causes of add-apt-repository command not found on Linux

What is a Repository?

add apt repository command not found – Linux repository means a repository of Linux applications that reside on the server. Various kinds of applications are in the repository.

If we are used to using Windows, we often look for applications on the Internet. Be it on the official web or not. Different applications have different website providers.

On Linux, because it is open source, the applications that have been made by different parties are stored together in a warehouse (repository).

This is very beneficial for many parties, anyone can see and take this application.

Unlike Windows, which looks for separate applications, in Linux, we just enter the repository and look for applications there.

Every linux distro, has their main repository, which contains the applications and tools they select and develop.

From my experience, there are some linux distros that can’t add custom repositories.

For example, when we want to install a linux application that is not available in their AppCenter, an error appears in the terminal such as add-apt-repository: command not found.

Why this happened? Based on my brief understanding, this add-apt-repository command not found occurs because by default their distro does not use or enter or allow third-party application install commands.

How to Fix add-apt-repository command not found

Therefore, to be able to use the application from the third party, the first way is to install the general application properties.

When these general application properties have been installed, then we can enter or install unofficial applications from the distro. More or less I understand it like that.

Let’s say Elementary OS linux distro, we can’t install Tweak application on their system, because common application properties are not installed.

How to install general application properties so that the add apt repository command not found disappears is to open a terminal and then enter the following command:

sudo apt install software-properties-common
sudo apt update

After success, you can only add the repository of the application you want. For example, you want to install the Inkscape graphic design application.

First add the repository, then install the application. I have made a tutorial on installing inkscape applications on linux. Please read here.

This article is based on my experience. Hope it is useful.

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