How to Burn Bootloader Anet A8 Board

ATMega1284P Bootloader

In this article I will share my experience successfully in Anet a8 burn bootloader & firmware update using Arduino as ISP.

To clarify I am using Anet V1-5 board and I am doing this using Linux Operating System based on Ubuntu Arduino 1.8.19.

Download Anet Board Library

For this you have to do to define the hardware board.


After your download is complete, please extract it and you will see the results of the extract like this.

How to Burn Bootloader Anet A8 Board

Copy the “hardware” folder and paste it into the arduino folder in “home”. As shown like this picture:

How to Burn Bootloader Anet A8 Board
How to Burn Bootloader Anet A8 Board

However, if the “hardware” folder is already in the Home>Arduino folder, then please copy the “anet” folder in “hardware” from the file we just downloaded, and paste it into the “hardware” folder in Home> Arduino.

Now, reopen arduino ide and you will see a list of “Anet V 1.0” in Tools>Boards menu. Look at the following picture.

How to Burn Bootloader Anet A8 Board

Make Arduino Board As ISP

Before burning the bootloader, we must upload the Arduino ISP program to the Arduino board. The method:

  • Click File > Examples > 11. ArduinoISP > ArduinoISP
  • Click Tools > Board > Arduino AVR Boards > Arduino Uno
  • Click Tools > Ports > Choose Arduino Board Port (like ttyUSB, ttyCOM, or COM)
  • Click Tools > Programmers > AVRISP MKII
  • Click Upload

Anet A8 & Arduino Uno ISP Wiring

Now connect the arduino board to the Anet A8 as shown in the image below. Make sure you use a 10uF capacitor connected between reset and gnd arduino board.

How to Burn Bootloader Anet A8 Board
This image property of eliasrm87

Burn Bootloader to Anet A8

To do the bootloader, we have to change the arduino IDE configuration to something like this:

  • Click Tools > Board > Marlin AVR Boards > Anet V.10
  • Click Tools > Programmer > Arduino as ISP
  • Click Tools > Burn Bootloader

Done. Next, let’s upgrade the firmware to the anet a8 board.

Hopefully this Burn Bootloader Anet article is useful.

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