What Is UPS Full Form and Best UPS Brand

What Is UPS?

UPS full form is “Uninterruptible Power Supply”. Different from the regular power supply, this type of PSU would have uninterruptible access and would grant power, even during a power outage for the Computer, devices, or any other electronic in the house as well. It is mostly used on computer devices, as it would allow for better power flow and uninterruptible access to power.

Different from standard PSU or power supply on the computer that will be powered based on the electrical cord, and act as the power source of the computer itself, The UPS operates on the battery as its supply emergency power whenever the main power line is cut off. UPS will keep your computer running for a while before needing a few minutes to recharge.

The Advantages Of UPS On The Computer

Just like the UPS full form as an uninterruptible power supply, it has several advantages of having to have better, more stable, and reliable power supply, and you can save up your data in case of any emergency power outage. Nevertheless, many UPS models could sustain for a longer period for the computer to be on, depending on the model, and how the battery capacity in itself. 

This is convenient because UPS can allow you to operate your computer for a bit longer when power outage and it will buy you some time you need to save any necessary data and save up your work before you can shut down the computer, and wait for the power to back on again. 

 There are a few ways that UPS can be useful for your computer, and here are the advantages of UPS on the computer:

  • Enables you to save your data in case of emergency
  • Letting you use the computer for a bit, even when there is a power outage in your area
  • It can control voltage spikes that might happen in your computer
  • Reduce noise
  • Allowing for more efficient use of power

Different Types Of UPS

There are at least two types of UPS systems that developed and can be found in the market, one is the standby power system, the most common model of all the UPS, and there are also online UPS. How do each of them differ, and how does each of them work here?

1. Stand-By Power System 

It is also called a line-interactive UPS, it is the standard model of the UPS, as when the power would cut off, it then immediately switches to the battery in just a few milliseconds, hence preventing the computer to shut down. During this time, the power would be supplied through the battery.

2. Online UPS

Online Ups has uninterrupted power using its inverter, so different from the offline model, it has a stronger, and more reliable power system. However, it is way more expensive than regular UPS, and it would also produce a lot of heat and noise. 

The best UPS brand

From our observations, there are several manufacturers that are considered the best in producing UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), namely:

  1. APC by Schneider Electric
    APC is one of the leading manufacturers in producing UPS. They provide various types of UPS, from home models to large data centers such as servers.
  2. Eaton
    Eaton is also a leading manufacturer of UPSs. They offer a wide variety of UPS models, from models for home use to large data centers.
  3. Tripp Lite
    Tripp Lite is a fairly popular and well-known UPS manufacturer. They offer a wide variety of UPSs, ranging from models for home use to use in data centers and servers.
  4. CyberPower
    CyberPower is a manufacturer that produces UPS at affordable prices but still with good quality. They offer a wide variety of UPS models, including those for home and small business use.
  5. Vertiv
    Vertiv (formerly known as Emerson Network Power) is a leading manufacturer of UPSs used in data center and business environments. They offer a wide range of UPSs with large capacity and advanced technology to ensure uninterrupted power delivery.

However, the UPS manufacturers that we mentioned above have their respective advantages and disadvantages. You can choose for your best use by reading more details on each UPS manufacturer’s specifications above.

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So, in conclusion, as we have mentioned about the UPS full form above, an uninterruptible power system would let your computer have a better and more reliable power system. It enables emergency data safe and backup before the power goes off in the event of a power outage. 

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