TTP223 Capacitive Touch Sensor Switch

TTP223 Sensor

TTP223 Arduino Capacitive Touch Sensor Switch Tutorial – Some of the touch sensors use several techniques or methods in the process of work such as capacitive and resistive touch sensors.

In some cases, the device is made in a more concise way by touch. Then the device will work.

Some of the advantages of using a touch sensor are that it can be widely used in electronic products, the button is waterproof and can replace the push button.

One of the sensors that supports touch sensors is TTP223 cap touch sensor.

TTP223 is an IC that works with capacitive technology. This IC is designed in such a way that it can be properly used as a touch sensor.

IC TTP223 features

For the project in this article we will use the TTP223 sensor module, but it is good that we know some of the features of the IC. The brief features are as follows:

  • Operating Voltage 2.0V – 5.5V
  • Max Current 13uA
  • Response Time 60mS when fast mode, 220mS slow mode
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted by changing the capacitance value (0-50pF)
  • Auto Calibration
  • There are 3 forms of IC packages (TTP223-ASB, TTP223-BA6 and TTP223-DO8)
  • For details, read the datasheet below this article.


To simplify our experiments in this article we use the TTP223 module.

In this module, there are 3 pins including VCC, I / O and GND. For the basic series of use, it can be seen in the following figure:

TTP223 Capacitive Touch Sensor Switch


On this sensor module there are two jumpers labeled A and B. See in the following figure:

TTP223 Capacitive Touch Sensor Switch
  • If A and B are not soldered, the output will be HIGH logic
  • If A is soldered and B is not soldered, the output will be LOW logic
  • If A is not soldered and B is soldered, the output will be toggled HIGH logic
  • If A is soldered and B is soldered, the output will be toggled LOW logic
  • After you understand and can use this sensor module, then you just need to change its application, such as touching the sensor to turn on the light, turn on the motor, turn on the fan, ring the bell and so on.

Only LEDs are replaced with devices that can handle high currents and voltages such as transistors and relays.

Good luck.

I took this article from the arduinokode website, here is a video of how this sensor works.

TTP223 Datasheet

If needed, I attach the ttp223 datasheet here, please see for more complete specifications.

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