SMT32 RTC Stop Reading Data Hang or Freeze

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How to fix problems with SMT32 Programmer RTC stop reading data
SMT32 Programmer RTC – This tutorial was created to solve the problems I’ve experienced. This is my second attempt when testing the STM32F103C8T6 arm STM32 or Blue Pill board.

I am interested in this STM32 because it has an internal RTC, so we don’t need an RTC module in our project anymore. when this happens, the circuit becomes simpler.

After I installed the library and successfully programed Blink to STM32, I tried to reprogram the example given by stm32arduino for reading RTC data using ST Link 2.

From this experiment, I got a problem with reading data from RTC. Every time data reading is done, suddenly STM32 no longer provides RTC data through Serial Monitor.

I get this problem in days. I attach a serial photo monitor of this problem as shown below:

SMT32 RTC Stop Reading Data Hang or Freeze

I searched for the source of this problem within a few days, someone from a question and answer group page, gave me several options, starting with changing prescalers on Arduino such as RTCSEL_LSE, RTCSEL_LSI, RTCSEL_HSE and RTCSEL_DEFAULT.

But that is not working!. Someone suggested not to use the BUILTIN LED connected to PC13 PIN, then I turned it off. Still not working.

In this case, the STM32 position is not connected to any device except the breadboard as shown:

SMT32 RTC Stop Reading Data Hang or Freeze

How to Fix STM32 Internal RTC Not Working

After days of searching for this problem, it turns out it is located on pins PC14 and PC15 of ST STM32 STM32F103C8. PC14 and PC15 pins are connected to the 32,768 Hz RTC oscillator.

In a forum (forgot what the forum is called) it was written that when used the PC14 and PC15 pins are connected to other devices, it will cause capacitance so that it disturbs the working oscillator.

When I remove STM32 from the Bread Board, the RTC is functioning properly and providing data to the Serial Monitor.

I have cut PC14 and PC15 lines, as shown in the following image. Things are going normally now.

SMT32 RTC Stop Reading Data Hang or Freeze

Please do not use PC14 and PC15 pins to connect with other devices, if you are also using Internal RTC. This will disturb the 32,768 Hz oscillator, so the RTC doesn’t work properly.

It’s Working Fine Now.

That’s all May be this SMT32 RTC Stop article useful.

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