Special Character Code Table For Web Development

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Special Character Table For Web Development

Special characters are characters that are not included in the ASCII standard. Some of the special characters that are often used are ©, ™, ®, and others. To make it easier, I created a special character code table below.

CharacterCodec by NameCodec by NumericDesc
®®®Registered Trademark
‘‘Left Single Quote
’’Right Single Quote
““Left Double Quote
””Reft Double Quote
––En Dash
——Em Dash
……Horizontal ellipsis
<&lt;&#060;Less Than
>&gt;&#062;Greater Than
 &nbsp;&#160;Non Breaking Space

For example, I use the following code:

<p>Chippiko &copy; 2022</p>

From the code above, it generates the following text:

Chippiko © 2022

Btw, If you find any missing in the list of special characters in the table above, please let us know in the comments below. Hopefully this Special Character Code Table For Web Development article is useful.

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