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Seo Tools For Bloggers

Seo Reporting Tools – SEO is a technique for getting a lot of website traffic and increasing search engine rankings. To be able to optimize the SEO of our articles, tools are needed that can check whether our article is SEO or not.

Website inspection referred to here includes, checking for broken links, checking website speed, checking for article plagiarism, getting free images, reducing image size, analyzing content and so on.

1. How to Check Broken Links?

Google has a file called google bot or google software robot which is used to crawl / crawl our articles. From the google bot, Google knows whether the article is good or not.

One indicator of a bad article is broken links or the link is not working properly such as “404” or “Error Page”.

Of the many links in the article, of course we don’t know which links are broken.

So how do you check for broken links from our website? We can use a website tool for Google SEO  Broken Link CheckerBroken Link Finder dan W3C Link Checker.

How to Check Broken Links Using Link Checker, please go to here.

2. How to Check Website Speed?

Website speed is one of the things that is important for SEO, but it is not absolutely necessary.

The page access speed of a website is based on time. The time referred to in this case is the code processing time by the server and browser (our device).

If the internet connection is fast, the processing time between the server and the browser is fast, and vice versa.

In general, internet connections in various countries are not fast, only some areas are fast.

Therefore, with a slow internet speed, it takes a little or efficient blog website code so that the data processing by the server and browser can run quickly.

So, to be able to check the speed of a website, I recommend two Website Checkers as tools for SEO, namely GT Metrix , Pingdom dan PageSpeed Insight.

3. How to Check Article Plagiarism?

The most important thing if you play with Google Adsense is about Copy Paste Articles. I suggest never copy and paste from other articles.

But if you’ve created an article with style, your own accent. That is a very good thing, the articles that you make are classified as Unique Articles.

After you create an article in your own words, is it free from plagiarism? Not necessarily.

There are other people’s articles that were published first, have the same words as your article, maybe.

If you publish without checking the articles that have been made, chances are you will be warned by Google Adsense.

To be able to find out that your article is unique without plagiarism, I suggest using Seo Reporting Tools on the website Copyscape

There is also a great tool called SiteLiner. You can click here.

4. How to Compress Image File Size?

One of the factors in slow article opening by browsers is because of the large image file in our article. Moreover, in one article there are dozens of images with large file sizes.

This can make our website start away from visitors. From that it is necessary to compress the image so that the file size is smaller while maintaining its quality.

To be able to make image files smaller, there are several factors, namely, changing the image resolution, changing the image quality, and removing the image attributes (metadata).

I have tried several tools and the ones I like best are three, namely OptimiZilla, Resize Image and RIOT

OptimiZilla and Resize Image are tools for SEO Online, while RIOT is a Windows (Offline) application.

If you want a user friendly one, please use Optimizilla.

If you want more customization, use Resize Image.

RIOT is as great as the two Online versions above.

However, my choice is if I want to compress images in .png format, I prefer OptimiZilla, for .jpg format is Resize Image.

Why is that? The reason is that these tools can compress images which can produce a very small file size with good quality.

I suggest to you, use the image file size for your website with a file size of <50kb.

5. How to Download Free Images?

Well, this is one of the factors that Google Adsense still accepts on our website. We must use images that are free without a license, aka not plagiarism.

It is better if the image we use is the work of our own. However, most people are unable to create their own drawings.

An attractive image will certainly attract the attention of visitors. That’s one reason visitors want to click on our articles.

Today many sites provide free images. Like Pexel, Freepic, Pixabay, and others.

However I prefer to take pictures from Pixabay. The reason is Full Free and the website loading is fast. So work can be faster.

6. How to Create Seo Content For Bloggers like Yoast Plugin on WordPress?

If you usually use wordpress, you will often hear a plugin called Yoast. Yups! This plugin is very helpful for making our article content seo.

But what about a blogger? Of course blogger can’t use this plugin. There is one website that I use to write seo content, similar to the Yoast plugin.

Is Yoast Real Time Content Analysis and Seo Review Tools Content Analysis, the way is similar to Yoast Plugin. Even though it’s not as complete as the features of Yoast, for me, these tools for SEO are good for making SEO articles.

7. How to Check Website Quality?

Google has created a free tool to check the quality of websites. The tool name is Lighthouse.

SEO Lighthouse tools are not a website or offline software, but rather a browser extension. To be able to use it, please install it first with the dowload link here.

Once installed in your browser, please open a website that you want to check, after the website is open. Click the Lighthouse extension which is on the top right side.

Google Seo Reporting Tools For Increase Ranking

Then click Generate Report and wait a moment for the process to finish.

8. Free Tools To Check Keyword Seo Reporting Tools

  1. Answer The Public
  2. Google Keyword Planner
  3. Ubersuggest
  4. Keyword Spy (must use a VPN with an American location)

I hope this Seo Reporting Tools article is useful. Have a nice day…

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