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Free Arduino Cource With Simple Tutorial To Project

Free Arduino Cource

~ this page is under development ~


1 What is Arduino?

2 Types of Arduino

3 Arduino Type Suitable For Beginners

4 Preparation to Program Arduino

5 Install Arduino IDE on Linux


1 Introduction to C++

2 Syntax or Writing Style C++

3 Comments In Arduino

4 Variables in C++

5 Data Types in Arduino

6 Understanding Operators in C++

7 Using Strings in C++

8 Using Booleans in C++

9 Recognizing Constants in C++

10 How to Split a String

11 How to Save Float Data to EEPROM

10 How to Convert Float to String

11 How to Convert Data Type From Serial Monitor

11 How to Use Arduino ADC

12 How to Reset Arduino With Soft Reset

13 Difference File Extension .ino .pde .h .cpp and .c

14 How to Map INT and FLOAT Values ​​Using Arduino Map()

15 How to Compare Arduino Hexadecimal Values



1 How to Control the LED

2 How to Make the Running LED

3 How to Make an LED With a Dim Effect

4 How To Turn On /Off a LED With One Button

5 How to Turn On LED With Serial Monitor

6 How Turn On 3 Leds Alternately using 1 Button

7 How to Control Seven Segment

8 How to Control Dot Matrix Max7219


1 8x2 . Monochrome LCD

2 16x2 . Monochrome LCD

3 16x4 Monochrome LCD

4 20x4 Monochrome LCD

   a. Basic Code LCD 20x4 I2C Arduino

    b. Letter Typing Effect LCD 20x4 I2C Arduino

    c. Fly In and Out Effect LCD 20x4 I2C Arduino

5 LCD Monochrome 128x64

6 LCD Monochrome 192x64

7 Monochrome LCD 192x128

8 LCD Monochrome 240x128

9 LCD Nokia 5110

10 OLED 0.96" 128x64 I2C

2.11 TFT 2.4"

12 TFT 3.5"

13 TFT 2.8" Nextion


1 How to Use a DC Motor

2 How to Use Servo Motor

3 How to Use Servo Motor Using Serial Monitor

How to Use the TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver


1 How to Use the LM35 Sensor

2 How to Use the DHT11 Sensor Sensor

3 How to Use the DHT22 Sensor Sensor

4 How to Use the NTC 3950 Sensor Sensor

5 How to Use the DS1820 Sensor Sensor

6 Ultraviolet Sensor GL ML 8511

7 Intensity Sensor GY 302 BH1750

8 Sensor Opto Coupler

9 How to Use the MQ-2 Sensor Sensor

10 How to Use the MQ-3 Sensor Sensor

11 How to Use the MQ-4 . Sensor

12 How to Use the MQ-5 . Sensor

13 How to Use the MQ-6 . Sensor

14 How to Use the MQ-7 . Sensor

15 How to Use the MQ-8 . Sensor

16 How to Use the MQ-9 . Sensor

17 How to Use the MQ-135 . Sensor

18 PIR Sensor HC501

19 Sensor AMG8833 Arduino Processing

20 AMG8833 Arduino Buzzer Notification at Specific Temperature

21 Reed Swetch Sensor

22 Hall Sensor

23 How to Use the HC-SR04 Sensor Sensor

24 How to Use Arduino TSOP1738

25 How to Use Arduino VS1838B

26 How to Use the MPU-6050 GY-521 Sensor

27 How to Read Data MPU6050 Arduino Angle Measurement

28 Basic Code Joystick Control With Arduino Uno

29 How to Display Joystick Value to Processing



2 How to Use RTC DS1307

3 How to Use the DS3231 Using the RinkyDink Library

4 How to Use the DS3231 Using the Adafruit Library


1. How to Use nRF24L01

2 How to Access RFID RC522



1 How to Access MicroSD

2 How to Create a Data Logger


How to Find I2C Address Device Using Arduino

Arduino IDE Error

1. Cause Stray \302 in Program

2 Arduino Port Not Detected

Atmel ATTiny

1. Serial Communication Between ATtiny UART and Computer

2. How to Read ATtiny85 VCC Voltage Without Connecting to ADC pin

3. Communication ATtiny85 Serial Monitor Arduino IDE

4. Simple Voltmeter Max 30V Using ATtiny OLED Arduino

5. How to Burn Bootloader Attiny85 Using Arduino

6. How to Burn Bootloader and Attiny13 using Arduino