Install Microsoft Edge Ubuntu & Fedora

Microsoft Edge for linux

Microsoft Edge Ubuntu – We all know that Microsoft company has their own browser browser which is Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Chromium Edge started releasing in 2015 on their Windows 10.

Previously we all know they have a browser called Internet Explorer, but it is only available on windows 8.1.

In addition to being the choice of Windows users, for several reasons that Microsoft Edge is a browser that is relatively lighter than Google Chrome. But, not all users (other than windows) can use Microsoft Edge.

Install Microsoft Edge Ubuntu & Fedora

MS Edge Chromiu Features

  • Accross Device (WIndows, macOS, iOS, Android & Linux)
  • Fill in your shipping details automatically and apply coupons to make shopping online quickly and simply. Features are only available in the US.
  • Save, set, and Share Content in Snap
  • Easily capture and mark screenshots
  • Access PDF
  • Plout your reading experience on the web. Impersive readers help you stay focused when reading online by letting you filter chaos and interfere with content from articles and sites.
  • Tabs Organized, Manage all your tabs to help you stay focused
  • give you tools to protect your privacy and security online. Explore health passwords, tracking prevention and more.
  • And more…

Now, Microsoft has officially released the Edge Chromium browser for Linux. This is not only a great achievement, it is a very good step, by which linux users will experience and enjoy using New Edge browser on Linux OS.

Microsoft Edge is available in Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android supported versions.

On the official Microsoft Edge Chromium download page, when this article was written, they did not provide a download button for Linux. But if you look into the repository you will find it. Here is the repository link:

For Debian and Variants:

For Red Hat and Variants:

Download Microsoft Edge Linux
Based on themicrosoft edge chromium repository link provided, there are two file formats provided .DEB for Debian and its variants such as microsoft edge Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Zorin, Pop OS, elementary OS, and others.

It is also available in .RPM file format that supports Fedora, CentOS, openSUSE, OpenMandriva and Oracle Linux.

Microsoft Edge Linux (DEB & RPM)

How To Install .DEB File
To be able to install the edge for ubuntu .DEB file, open terminal and use this command:

sudo dpkg -i name_file_edge.deb

Hopefully this microsoft edge linux article can make you happiness.

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