KIRI 3D Scanner Android, Choose Free or Premium?

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Looking For 3D Scanner Software for Android Smarthphone?

In this article I will share an application to scan 3D objects based on Android using KIRI Engine 3D Scanner. Where KIRI Engine scanner 3d print so far some applications do not support it, but only for iOS.

Well, to be able to scan an object into 3D results, generally use a 3D Scanner for accurate results.

There are several types of 3D scanning technology currently available, such as LASER triangulation or pulse-based, Structured light, Photogrammetry and Contact-based. Some of them have developed applications for iOS.

However, recently a product has emerged called KIRI Engine, where this 3d scanner app android can scan objects and generate 3D output files.

KIRI Engine 3D Scanner Android Software

In addition to Android and iOS, interestingly KIRI Engine is also available for the web version, KIRI Engine Web where we can do a scanner just by opening the website.

It’s Using AI Photogrammetry Algorithm

KIRI Engine uses Photogrammetry with AI algorithms to reconstruct objects in 3D based on the photos you take.

The more photos collected, the algorithm will get a different point of view and produce detailed objects.

Basically, the more data that is processed, the higher the memory and device specifications required.

However, not with KIRI Engine, although the android 3d scan is done with your smartphone based on photos, all processing occurs in the cloud at KIRI’s server.

Make sure your smartphone camera has a good resolution to get good results.

At this article was written, there are two versions is Free and Paid. For the free version, you can directly use it for android scan without having to log-in. I have tried it.

The paid version you have to pay about $ 60 per year.

What is the difference Free and Premium?

If you use Free Version, you will get:

  • No login required
  • Maximum number of photos once uploaded is 70
  • Standard server
  • There is a queue if full quota.

If you using Premium Version:

  • Requires login
  • Maximum number of photos once uploaded is 200
  • Fast server (less queue)

Are You Interested?

If you are interested in using this 3d scanner app using this smartphone, please visit the official site using the button below:

Hopefully this 3d scanner app android article can help simplify your work.

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