Install TLPUI Using Terminal Ubuntu


Install TLP GUI – TLPUI is a GUI version of TLP is a linux utility that can manage laptop power usage, either from the battery or from the Power Input (charger).

TLP works by modifying the kernel so that it will affect the laptop’s power consumption.
TLP can also overcome overheating on some laptops, as is my experience in using Linux Ubuntu variants on Asus ROG Laptops (read the article below).

Basically, to be able to use TLP in managing power usage, you have to use the terminal with some commands.

For basic users, this might be confusing (so am I) in the commands.

From that, in this article I will share how to install TLP and set it up via GUI (application). So you no longer use the terminal to change these TLP settings.

Install TLPUI Using Terminal Ubuntu

On February 18, 2020, TLPUI has been updated so that it can use the latest TLP, namely TLP1.3 (that’s what I read on

To install this TLPUI, we can use the PPA. PPA or Personal Package Archive is a privately managed application repository.
Install TLP GUI
TLPUI is a TLP GUI application managed by LinuxPrising. Supported versions of ubuntu are Ubuntu 16.04 and later and linux mint 18 after.

Command to Install

In this article I have tried to install this GUI version of TLP on Linux Pop OS 20.04, based on ubuntu 20.04 and it worked.

Please open a terminal and enter the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linuxuprising/apps
sudo apt update
sudo apt install tlpui

How to Solve Linux Overheat?

Some laptops do not fully support the Linux operating system. Some of them have problems with the Kernel.

One of the laptops that have a lot of problems with Linux is Asus. You can read some forums, they complain a lot about linux not running on asus laptops.

Me too, the thing I feel the most is overheating. More than 20 linux distros that I have tried, the problem is overheating.

After I searched, I got several problems and how to fix them, including:

  • Power management is not working well
  • Improper CPU Scaling
  • Using Kernel 5.3.0-53-generic

I have written an article on how to fix this overheating, you can read the article here.

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