Edifier NeoBuds Pro Review After 3 Weeks

Edifier Neo Buds Pro

Assalamualaikum. In this article, I will review my TWS Edifier Neobuds Pro after 3 weeks of use.

Now, I’ll tell you the reasons why I bought the neo buds pro edifier. I need a Noise Cancellation. After seeing various reviews about this TWS, it gave good conclusions, so I bought it.


I really like this Design, the size also fits my ear and fels good when used.

But in my opinion, the drawback is the size of the body which protrudes slightly. So, if we use this while lying on our side, then this TWS will provide stronger pressure to enter our ears, thus making our ears relatively painful. So TWS is not suitable for use while lying down.


In my opinion, the sound quality provided for this TWS is very good, and clear. If TWS uses buds that match our ear holes, we can hear relatively better sound.

Even though TWS already has Hi-Res, LDAC, and LHDC features, as a layman, I still don’t know how to enjoy these features.

Edifier NeoBuds Pro Review After 3 Weeks

Active Noise Canceling

These are the main points of why I bought the TWS Edifier Neobuds Pro.

A little story, I want to buy a TWS which has a Noice Canceling feature with the aim that I can focus on work because my profession is a programmer and my environment is noisy.

I imagine that Noice Canceling will block or eliminate all sounds from outside, so we don’t hear any sound.

When I used this TWS, it was not what I had imagined.

Noise Cancellation really exists, both Passive and Active, there are also High and Low Noice Canceling modes, but it only blocks low sounds or small sounds.

To imagine this Edifier NeoBuds Pro Review I give 3 case examples.

1. First Example

I’m sitting in a coffee shop located on the side of the road. In that place, I can say the environment is very noisy. Both the source of the sound from vehicles on the road and the conversations of people around me sitting.

Then I tried using this TWS and I activated the ANC feature with High Noice Canceling or Low Noice Canceling mode.

The sound outside becomes muffled by around 40% -50%.

The voices of people talking around me can still be heard, but very low.

The sound of motorbikes and cars with rather high exhausts can still be heard even though it is small.

However, when I play audio, the voice of the person who is talking seems to be muffled, and I can listen to the audio without being disturbed.

2. Second Example

I use TWS when I’m at home, where my children are in the house playing and joking around, it’s quite noisy.

Then I used this TWS and the children’s voices were still heard, small, but still disturbing my concentration.

But constant noises like a fan, for example, I don’t hear at all, even though I put the fan about 80cm from where I sit.

3. Third Example

I visited my parents’ house. Incidentally, my parent’s house is in the village. At that time I used TWS and I activated ANC with High Noice Canceling mode.

I was disturbed by the crackling sound in this TWS. Then I took off this TWS, it turned out that there were lots of crickets around me. Then I used it again to make sure the sound was coming from the crickets.

That’s right, the High Noise Canceling Mode cannot block the cricket’s sound. Can still be heard, but the sound that is heard through the TWS changes like a crackle.

Then I changed the Low Noise Canceling mode and finally, the cricket’s sound was no longer heard.

In conclusion, the ANC feature

I can conclude that Noice Canceling in TWS is:

  • Does not completely block sound, let alone the sound of human conversation and relatively high-pitched voices. Only sounds that are constant and low and have continuous activity will be properly muffled.
  • If you hit a rather strong wind, we can still hear the noise of the wind, even though it’s small, it’s quite disturbing.
  • If you really don’t want to hear sound from outside/around you, you have to activate the ANC and listen to the audio. In this case, in my opinion, can be said to dampen up to 90% -95% of outside sound, because our hearing is focused on the audio we hear.
  • If you are looking for a TWS with a Noice Canceling feature that really reduces sound 100% without having to play Audio, This TWS Edifier Neobuds Pro is not the right choice. So, please think again according to your needs.


To connect this TWS with our Smartphone or Laptop, it’s very easy. Fast connection, without any problems.

Except, if the TWS battery is running low, then it starts to get a little annoying. But naturally, as a sign that the battery is low.

I think it’s a review or a review from me. If you have more experience with Noice Canceling that really muffles the sound, you can share the info in the comments or if you have other suggestions, please comment below.

I hope this Edifier NeoBuds Pro Review article is useful.

Thank you for visiting this website.

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