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Comparison Table
(This table under development)

In this article, I provide a comparison table of lightweight and slim laptops. This is useful as a guide to finding the right laptop for you.

To use the laptop comparison table below is very easy, use sorting, search fields and pagination to find the data you want

SAMSUNGGalaxy Book2 Pro13.3 inch1.11 cm0.87 kg21.0 hours$1,050 Here
SAMSUNGSamsung Galaxy Book Pro13.3 inch1.11 cm0.87 kg16.0 hours$910 Here
LGGram Ultra Intel Core i5 (DISCONTINUED)13.3 inch1.52 cm0.96 kg07.5 hours$1,000Here
LGUltra Ryzen 513.3 inch1.52 cm0.98 kg14.5 hours$800Here
HPPavilion Aero 13.3 inch1.69 cm0.99 kg09.45 hours$550Here
HPElite Dragonfly G213.3 inch1.61 cm 0.99 kg11.3 hours$2,237Here
HPProbook 635 Aero G813.3 inch1.79 cm0.99 kg20.0 hours$1,079Here
LENOVOYoga Slim 7i Carbon (5th Gen)13.3 inch1.39 cm1.00 kg
HUAWEIMateBook X 202013.0 inch1.36 cm 1.0 kg09.30 hoursHere
SAMSUNG Galaxy Book2 Pro 36013.3 inch1.14 cm1.03 kg21.0 hours$1,250Here
SAMSUNGGalaxy Book Pro 36013.3 inch1.14 cm1.03 kg17.0 hours$1,200Here
HPEnvy x36013.3 Inch1.04 kg17.3 hours$850Here
SAMSUNGSamsung Galaxy Book Pro15.5 inch1.16 cm1.04 kg15.0 hours$910Here
LENOVOX13s13.3 inch1.34 cm1.06 kg
LENOVOX1 Carbon (7th Gen)
14.0 inch1.49 cm1.08 kg
LENOVOThinkPad X1 Carbon (8th Gen)14.0 inch1.49 cm1.09 kg
LENOVOYoga Slim 7 Carbon (6th Gen)14.0 inch1.49 cm1.10 kg
LENOVOIdeaPad Slim 7 Carbon 14.0 inch1.49 cm1.10 kgHere
MICROSOFTSurface Laptop Go12.4 inch1.56 cm1.11 kgHere
SAMSUNGGalaxy Book2 Pro15.5 inch1.16 cm1.11 kg21.0 hours$950Here
MICROSOFTSurface Laptop Go 212.4 inch1.57 cm1.12 kgHere
ASUSROG Flow Z13 (2022)13.4 inch1.20 cm1.12 Kg
HPElite Dragonfly Max13.3 inch1.60 cm1.12 kgHere
LENOVOX1 Carbon (5th Gen)14.0 inch1.59 cm1.13 kg
HPEliteBook 840 Aero G8 14.0 inch1.77 cm1.13 kgHere
ASUSZenbook 13 OLED13.3 inch1.39 cm1.14 kgHere
LENOVOThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga13.5 inch1.15 cm1.15 kg
LENOVOX28012.5 inch1.74 cm1.16 kg
SAMSUNGGalaxy Book 2 36013.3 inch1.29 cm1.16 kg18.0 hours$900Here
DELLNew XPS 131.39 cm1.17 kg
SAMSUNGGalaxy Book Flex2 Alpha13.3 inch1.39 cm1.18 kg16.5 hours$850Here
LENOVOX13 Yoga (3rd Gen)13.3 inch1.59 cm1.19 kg
LGGram Intel i716.0 inch1.68 cm1.19 kgHere
DELLXPS 13 (Non Touch Bar)1.48 cm1.2 kg
LENOVOYoga Slim 9i (5th Gen)14.0 inch1.39 cm1.20 kg
ACERPorsche Design Acer Book RS14.0 inch1.59 cm1.20 kgHere
ACERSwift 3 Infinity14.0 inch1.59 cm1.20 kgHere
ACERSwift 514.0 inch1.49 cm1.20 kgHere
LENOVOX390 13.3 inch1.65 cm1.22 kg
APPLEMacBook Air M21.13 cm1.24 kg18.0 hours$1,199
ACERSwift 3 AMD14.0 inch1.59 cm1.25 kgHere
ACERSwift 314.0 inch1.59 cm1.25 kgHere
DELLXPS 13 Plus1.52 cm1.26 kg
MICROSOFTSurface Laptop 4 Platinum13.5 inch1.45 cm1.26 kgHere
MICROSOFTSurface Laptop 3 Platinum13.5 inch1.45 cm1.26 kgHere
DELLXPS 13 (With Touch Bar)1.48 cm1.27 kg
MICROSOFTSurface Laptop 4 Matte Black13.5 inch1.45 cm1.28 gHere
LENOVOThinkPad X39513.3 inch1.69 cm1.28 kg
MICROSOFTSurface Laptop 3 Matter Black13.5 inch1.45 cm1.28 kgHere
HPProbook 430 G813.3 inch1.59 cm1.28 kg
APPLEMacBook Air M11.61 cm1.29 kg18.0 hours$999
LENOVOX27012.5 inch2.03 cm1.30 kg
ASUSZenbook Flip 13 OLED13.3 inch1.39 cm1.30 kgHere
HPHP Envy x360 Convert 13-ay1054AU13.3 inch1.64 cm1.30 kg
HUAWEIMateBook 13 202113.0 inch1.49 cm1.30 kgHere
LENOVOX390 Yoga13.3 inch1.59 cm1.32 kg
HPEliteBook 840 G814.0 inch1.77 cm1.32 kgHere
HPElite Folio13.5 inch1.61 cm1.32 kg
HUAWEIMateBook 13s13.4 inch1.65 cm1.32 kgHere
HUAWEIMateBook B713.9 inch1.46 cm1.33 kgHere
LENOVOX1 Yoga (4th Gen)14.0 inch1.55 cm1.35 kg
LGGram Intel i717.0 inch1.70 cm1.35 kgHere
HPElite x360 1040 G9 14.0 inch1.90 cm1.35 kg
HPZBook Firefly 14 G814.0 inch1.79 cm1.35 kg
HPHP Spectre x36013.5 inch1.36 kg
LENOVOYoga Slim 9i (7th Gen)14.0 inch2.14 cm1.37 kg
ACERSwift 3 x14.0 inch-1.37 kg
REALMEBook Prime14.0 inch1.49 cm1.37 kg
HPProBook 440 G814.0 inch1.99 cm1.38 kg
SAMSUNGGalaxy Book Pro 36015.6 inch1.19 cm1.38 kg16.0 hours$1110Here
REALMEBook14.0 inch1.49 cm1.38 kg
HUAWEIMateBook X Pro 202214.2 inch1.55 cm1.38 kgHere
HUAWEIMateBook D 14 202114.0 inch1.59 cm 1.38 kgHere
HUAWEIMateBook B3-42014.0 inch1.59 cm1.38 kgHere
HUAWEIMateBook B3-41014.0 inch1.59 cm1.38 kgHere
ACERSwift X14.0 inch1.79 cm1.39 kgHere
LENOVOThinkPad X1 Yoga (3rd Gen)14.0 inch1.70 cm1.40 kg
LENOVOYoga Slim 7i14.0 inch1.49 cm1.40 kg
LENOVOX380 Yoga13.3 inch1.82 cm1.40 kg
ACERSwift 314.0 inch1.79 cm1.40 kgHere
ACERSwift X SFX14 51G14.0 inch1.79 cm1.40 kgHere
HPPavilion 1414.0 inch1.70 cm1.40 kg
SAMSUNGGalaxy Book2 Pro 36015.5 inch1.19 cm1.41 kg21.0 hours$1350Here
ACERSpin 3 Active14.0 inch1.89 cm1.42 kgHere
SAMSUNGGalaxy Book G18.0o14.0 inch1.54 cm1.43 kg18.0 hours$350Here
ASUSExpertbook B7 Flip 14.0 inch1.89 cm1.44 kgHere
LENOVOYoga Slim 7 Pro X (7th Gen)14.5 inch2.21 cm1.45 kg
LENOVOYoga Slim 7i Pro 14.0 inch1.69 cm1.45 kg
LENOVOIdeaPad Slim 5i Pro (6th Gen)14.0 inch1.79 cm1.45 kg
LENOVOIdeaPad Slim 5 Pro (6th Gen)14.0 inch1.79 cm1.45 kg
HPHP ProBook x360 435 G813.3 inch1.79 cm1.45 kg

The data in this table is written full time, but there may be some incorrect data lists.
Therefore, if you find incorrect data in this table, you can help us complete it by commenting below this article.

I hope this Comparison Table Lightweight Laptop article is useful.


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