Coder Programmer Developer and Software Engineer

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What’s the difference?

When you are new to programming languange, you will come across different terms namely Coder, Programmer, Developer and Software Engineer.

So what’s the difference between all that?

In general, all of them do the same thing, coding. I will explain one by one. Depends on the context.

What is a Coder?

Coder is a term for someone who writes code. In this term, it doesn’t matter what programming language, it doesn’t matter how much code is written, it doesn’t matter what code editor it is written in, whether the code can be executed or not.

What is a Programmer?

A programmer is a person who makes a program which is a collection of command codes written in a particular language that can be executed or interpreted.

Execute, for example, Windows applications that can be installed and run, while interpreting applications that can be run directly such as websites.

What is Software Developer?

Software developers are people who do software development. Software development is the process of making software that is carried out starting from planning, determining, designing, programming, documentation, testing, bug fixing and vulnerabilities of applications, frameworks or other software components.

Software developer flow:

  1. Planning
  2. Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Implementation
  5. Testing & Integration
  6. Maintanance

What is Software Engineer?

Software Engineers are people who engineer software by applying the 6 principles of software development above and applying the principles of software engineering.

This review is only based on theory, but the facts on the ground, job descriptions often change between them, as well as the salary they get.

Coder Programmer Developer and Software Engineer

To understand this, you can look at the picture above. Where a programmer is of course he is a coder. A software developer is a programmer. A software engineer is of course a software developer.

I hope this Coder, Programmer, Developer and Software Engineer article is useful.

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