Cloud Hosting VS Web Hosting What’s the Difference?

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What is the difference between Google Cloud Hosting Vs Web Hosting? – Now the platform technology has developed very rapidly where Cloud Hosting is one of the choices of many people.

Most web developers put their website into Web Hosting, where we know that several web hosting companies such as Hostinger, can use by renting their storage space.

After Google Cloud Hosting appeared, some web developers were confused about the meaning and use of Cloud Hosting. Therefore, here I will explain a little difference between Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting.

Cloud Hosting VS Web Hosting What's the Difference?

Basic Difference

So, there are 2 basic differences between them.

Web Hosting is only used for website needs, while Google Cloud Hosting is more than that

Web Hosting cannot be used as a computer engine in the cloud, for example we want to build an AI technology or artificial intelligence.

To build AI, of course it takes a computer engine that has high specifications so that the AI ​​made can run quickly.

Web Hosting cannot do that, because it is designed to perform server computing to receive website data only.

Google Cloud Hosting is Google’s online storage + computer engine, where besides we can put our data (website for example) we can also run AI applications where later the AI ​​program will be Google’s computer. So we don’t have to have a hardware server.

There are at least 6 services included in this Google Cloud hosting, including:

  • WordPress on Compute Engine
  • LAMP stack on Compute Engine
  • Firebase Hosting
  • Cloud Run
  • Compute Engine
  • App Engine

For a more complete explanation of each of the services above, please visit the official Google Cloud Hosting page.

Payment System

If you use a Web Hosting service system, you have to pay rent at the beginning for 1 service package even though we don’t use all of the services, we still pay within a certain period of time, say for example $100 in 1 year, even though we only use wordpress.

Unlike Google Cloud Hosting, we only pay for the services we want.

That’s all I can share this time, I hope this article is useful for those of you who want to know more about Cloud Hosting.

I hope this Cloud Hosting Vs Web Hosting article is useful.

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