Change Background Color PCB Layout Kicad 6

Background PCB Kicad 6

Change Background Color PCB Layout Kicad 6 – KiCad is an application for Electronic Design Automation (EDA). The application can create Schematic Capture, and PCB Layout with Gerber output.

Kicad was first created by Jean-Pierre Charras in 1992, and is currently being developed by the KiCad Development Team. The currently available version has reached version 6.0, where there are many additional features compared to version 5.0

This application is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux operating systems. If you want to download the latest Kicad, please click the following button:

Download Kicad 6

Pcbnew provides a mouse nest view, hairline connecting foot print pads connected on the schematic. These connections move dynamically as track and footprint moves are created.

Kicad Layout PCB Features

PCB Layout on Kicad is one of the most powerful but free PCB Layouts. Supported with great features, we can also import PCBs in formats other than KiCad’s such as:

  • P-CAD 200x ASCII
  • Altium Circuit Maker
  • Altium Circuit Studio
  • Altium Designer
  • Fabmaster

How to Change Kicad Layout Color

The default color of the PCB Layout is black. Some people don’t like it, because it seems dark and doesn’t display PCB paths brightly.

One of the free software that is also powerful in PCB making is Eagle. Many people use this application.

Eagle is a free PCB Layout software that uses a white background color.

If you want to Change the Background Color of the Kicad PCB Layout, here’s how.

There are three easy steps to be able to change the background color on the Kicad PCB Layout.

  • Click menu Preferences -> Preferences
  • Click PCB Editor -> Color
  • Choose Theme -> KiCad Default or New Theme
  • In the color column, look for “Background”
  • Double click on the background color
  • Specify the new color you want
  • If you have clicked Ok, Done.

Hope this “Change Background Color PCB Layout Kicad 6” article is useful.

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