BlackBerry OS Discontinued, Goodbye BB

Blackberry 5G not using BlackBerry OS?

Blackberry OS support discontinued – BlackBerry is the first smartphone to carry a QWERTY model which presents more keys than previous competitors, Nokia, which only uses the Keypad model. So at that time, the use of this smartphone became very popular.

Because of the convenience it provides, this smartphone is the pinnacle of glory to beat Nokia. Apart from the given QWERTY model, very advanced features at the time were mail and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

After the success, many competitors are trying to imitate the shape and model of this smartphone. Maybe you’ve heard of NOKIA N95, SAMSUNG A187, NEXIAN, and others.

This was a very rapid technological advancement at that time. Where Blackberry symbolizes wealth and luxury, because the price is still high today and is used by the rich.

Why did BlackBerry fail?

Towards a few years later, the iPhone introduced the first generation iPhone smartphone with a touch screen. This changes the pattern of the physical QWERTY model into a touch QWERTY, so that the rendered screen becomes wider.

Not long after that Google introduced the Android OS, where applications on this OS can be developed by 3rd parties, so Android smartphones are everywhere.

Not to be outdone, Blackberry introduced the Blackberry Storm, which carries a touch screen. But unfortunately, from various sources, this smartphone gives a lot of bugs in the software.

From several other reasons, there are several things that make the Blackberry Failed in my opinion.

  1. Blackberry still maintains physical Qwerty, so many people are switching to using Qwerty Touch because of the wider screen.
  2. Blackberry is slow to adapt and innovate

Do blackberries still exist?

Now it’s name is just a memory because BlackBerry phones are completely stop support for BlackBerry OS ended since January 4, 2022.

If I look, the blackberry will still exist on the hardware but no longer on the OS. Rumor has it that the BlackBerry smartphone will use the Android OS as its main OS. However, this news is still not confirmed.

What is BlackBerry now?

Even though Blackberry has discontinued OS support on January 4, 2022, BlackBerry will still release their newest product, namely Blackberry 5G which is produced by Onwardmobility, which will follow the current trend.

Let’s just wait for the latest news from blackberry.

I hope this article is useful.

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