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What is PolyFuse? Here is the explanation

What is PolyFuse?

What is PolyFuse? Here is the explanation - PolyFuse is a type of fuse in electronic circuits that can be disconnected and reconnected automatically.

Besides Polyfuse, names that are often used are polymeric PTC (positive temperature coefficient), multiFuse, resettable fuse or polySwitch.

The way a polyfuse works is if the polyfuse used is to have a maximum current limit of 2A, and the current through it is 2A or more, then the fuse is automatically cut off. And when the current from 2A decreases, the polyFuse will automatically reconnect.

What is PolyFuse? Here is the explanation
Polyfuse by Wikipedia

With these advantages, polyFuse has been widely used in electronic devices to automotive as a very important component for circuit security.

Its use is good with low to high current to prevent over current. The most common example of using polyFuse is on Arduino.

What is Arduino? You can read the explanation in the article "What is Arduino".

If you are someone who likes Arduino or is making a project with it, when you connect or accidentally connect Power VCC to GND, the Arduino board will turn off automatically and when the connection is disconnected, Arduino will be active again.

If this polyfuse is not used, then when you connect VCC and GND, it could be that the microcontroller and other components will be damaged and burned.

Thus a brief explanation of Fuse and Circuit Breaker, hopefully the article "Differences of Fuse and Circuit Breaker" can add to your insight in the field of electronics and electricity.

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