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Fix Desktop Audio Not Working OBS On Ubuntu

Desktop Audio Not Working OBS

Desktop Audio Not Working OBS On Ubuntu - I admit that OBS Studio is a pretty great streaming and recording application. Apart from being free, OBS Studio has provided enough features for me, but i got the problem.

This article was made because I want to share how to solve a problem on my ubuntu that Desktop Audio Not Working OBS when you're doing screen recording. 

So, it all started when I wanted to do a meet using google meet in my meeting. I want to record all my meet activities using OBS Studio, both for recording the screen (video) and recording the conversation in my meet + mic (Audio).

however, what happens is that the recording of the meet is not heard. That means the sound from the desktop can't be recorded by OBS on my ubuntu operating system.

even though, if I look at the Audio Mixer OBS section, my audio graphic is detected, as in the image below:

Fix Desktop Audio Not Working OBS On Ubuntu

But not in OBS record it, the sound is not there. It made me dizzy, so I did testing one by one input there. Until finally I managed to get my desktop sound recording.

How to? Follow these steps.

How to Fix Audio Not Working OBS

To be able to record sound from the desktop in my case i using Ubuntu Linux, we must set the input source. However, to ensure that the pulse audio driver alsa runs smoothly, I did : 

  1. Reload the driver first. The trick is to open a terminal and use the following command:
    sudo alsa reload
  2. After that, open your OBS. 
  3. In the source section, add "Audio Output Capture (Pulse Audio)".
  4. Then click OK.
  5. Now you can record audio from Desktop.

If you are still confused, I provide the following video tutorial for you.

I hope this article can help you.

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