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How to Check Broken Links with 1 Click

Check Broken Link

How to check broken links is one of SEO, because it is one indicator of a website or blog being said to be good or not.

If the website does not contain broken links or broken links, then the quality of the site is said to be good.

Although these broken links do not affect overall SEO, however, with the number of broken links, it is likely that the website's ranking will drop in search engine rankings in proportion to the number of broken links.

Every link that is broken when we go, will definitely display an error message. This message will differ depending on what part of the link is broken.

How to Check Broken Links with 1 Click

Broken Link Example:

  • 400 Bad Request
  • The server does not understand the URL on this page.
  • 404 Page Not Found
    The destination page is not on the server or has been deleted.
  • Empty
    If the redirected page has no content and no response code.
  • Bad host Invalid hostname
    No server with destination name or cannot be reached
  • Bad Code
    Invalid HTTP response code
  • Reset
    The server was disconnected, either the server was reset or shut down by the admin or, misconfigured or the server was too busy.
  • Timeout
    HTTP request timed out during link check
  • Bad URL
    A malformed URL, for example. missing link characters, trailing slashes, incorrect protocol, etc.)


How to Check It?

One of my favorite tools is using the Broken Link Checker website. With this tool I just enter the link I want to check then press the check button.

Then the tools on this website will check automatically and will display the results after the check is complete.

How to use it is:

  1. Open Broken Link Checker Website Website
  2. Enter our website link in the "Enter your URL below (e.g." form on the top right.
  3. Click the "Find Broken Links" button.
  4. Enter the Chapcha or security code in the form provided.
  5. Select an available radio button. There are two radio buttons, namely:
  6. a. Report distinct broken links only
  7. b. Report all occurrences of each dead link (may be slower)
  8. then, select Report distinct broken links only
  9. Click the "Find Broken Link Now" button

Wait a moment. Then the results will be displayed after the check is complete. If the tool shows broken links, check and fix the broken links.

That's it.

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