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How to Convert Electric Current and Current Calculator

How to Convert Electric Current

How to Convert Electric Current and Current Calculator - In this article we will learn how to change or convert a current value from one unit to another.

This article is equipped with a brief description and a calculator for the conversion of electric currents.

Metric Prefix

Before we learn how to change the current unit from one unit to another, it would be better if we know the Metric Prefix. What is a Metric Prefix?
In engineering known as Metric Prefixs. Metric Prefix is a symbol that represents or replaces a value contained therein.

For example, to show the value of 1000 the term Kilo is used. The value of 1,000,000 is used in the term Mega and so on.

For example, 1000 A can be abbreviated as 1kA. 1000 meters can be said to be 1kM.

For a list of the Metric Prefix table you can see the following image:

Cara Konversi Arus Listrik dan kalkulator Arus Listrik Tabel Metric Prefix Table Kalkulator Konversi Arus Listrik Electric Current Converter Calculator
Tabel Konversi Metric Prefix

A prefix metric is used to replace the Power of Ten or number 10 into a number which is used in technical notation.

Metric Prefix is only used for values that have units of measurement such as Voltage, Amperes, and Ohms.

This metric prefix is placed before the symbol unit. This Metric Prefix function makes it easier for us to convey a single value.

Now that we know the metric prefix and its values, we start learning how to convert electric current.

Examples of Current Converting

This conversion is often done to make it easier to read values such as milliampere to microampere, to shorten a number.
Before that, there are basic rules for how we can convert one unit to another:
  • If converting from a high value to a low value unit, move the decimal point (comma) to the right.
  • If converting from a low value unit to a high value unit, then move the decimal point (comma) to the left.
  • Determine the number of places where the decimal point is moved by finding the difference to the power of ten converted units.
Now we will look at an example of converting the current from milliampere (mA) to microampere (uA).
  1. Try converting 0.35 milliampere (mA) to microampere (uA)!
  2. Try converting 6200 microamperes ((uA) to milliamperes (mA)!
How do you calculate it? Pay attention to the following image:

mA to uA has a difference of 1000, so move the decimal point 3 steps or 3 times to the right.

uA to mA has a difference of 1000s, so move the decimal point 3 steps or 3 times to the left.

Likewise other units have the same basic rules. Note the amount of difference in the table (picture) metrix prefix above.

Electric Current Calculator

I have provided a simple conversion calculator for calculating or converting units of electric current into other units.

Please enter the Input value ..., then specify the initial unit. Then decide what units you want to convert to and click the arrow button to do the conversion.

If you want to change the unit position, click the two arrow buttons.

Electric Current Conversion Calculator


This calculator will make it easier for you to convert values from one unit to another. Hopefully this article can help your project.

Thank you for visiting the Piko Chip website. May be useful.

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