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How to Fix Unresolved Reference Android Studio

Are you getting Error Unresolved Reference on Android Studio?

How to Fix Unresolved Reference Android Studio - This Unresolved Reference occurs because Android Studio cannot create the file properly.

Solving "Unresolved Reference" Problem In Android Studio in two ways:
1. Click the Builds menu --> Rebuild Project

If method 1 doesn't work, try the following:
2. Click the File menu --> Invalidate caches / Restart

But if you can't use the method above, try checking the following specific problems:

Unresolved Referense : permission

for example, an error that occurs in the code (which I copied from someone's website), I found errors such as:

Unresolved Reference Pada Android Studio

While I've included in the manifest file:
 <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION" />

So what must be changed is, before the error "Manifest.permission" is written, add the words "android", so that it becomes:

How to Fix Unresolved Reference Android Studio

Error will gone.

Unresolved reference: FusedLocationProviderClient

If this is the case, add the following lines to the file build.gradle:

implementation ""

Then clik  Sync Now.


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