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Logo Ground? Need a Logo for Your Brand?

Logo Ground

Ground Logo? Need a Logo for Your Brand? - Logo Ground is a site or marketplace that focuses on selling Ready Made logos. Logo sales can be divided into 2 types, Ready Made Logo and Logo Templates. What's the difference?

Ready Made logo is a logo that is only sold once. If you have purchased a logo at Logo Ground, the logo you purchased will appear saying "sold" and cannot be purchased by others.

While the Logo Template is a logo that can be repeatedly sold to consumers. Based on my search results, the average person who buys the Ready Made logo is someone who wants to register their trade rights, trademarks.

Logo Categories for sale at Logo Ground

There are so many logos available in logo ground, you can search by category you want. The categories available in LOGO GROUND are:
  • Abstract
  • Animals - Birds
  • Animals - General
  • Animals - Horses
  • Animals - Marines
  • Pets
  • Art & Photography
  • Beauty
  • Religion
  • Construction
  • education
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Mode
  • Financial Services
  • General (good for any industry)
  • Globes & Spheres
  • Health & Wellness
  • Heraldry
  • Kids & Parenting
  • Law & Legal Services
  • Letters & Typography
  • Mascot & Cartoon
  • Medical & Health Care
  • Nature - General
  • Nature - Mountains
  • Nature - Plants
  • People
  • Housing area
  • Restaurant, Drinks & Food
  • Security
  • Sport
  • Technology - Communication
  • Technology - Computers & Networks
  • Technology - General
  • Technology - Robotics
  • Transportation - Automotive
  • Transportation - Flight
  • Public transportation
  • Travel & Tourism

Money Back Guarantee

One of the advantages of Logo Ground is the Money Back guarantee and this is better than some other logo providers.

If we are not happy or buy the wrong logo from the Ground logo, we can ask for money back from the site.

However, to be able to ask for money back from the logo ground there are several provisions made to be mutually agreed, namely:
  1. Refund requests cannot be accepted if we have requested or obtained access to the logo vector source file.
  2. If we have ordered a custom logo to the logo designer at logo ground, then the logo ground site will remove the Refund option.
  3. Refunds can only be requested after 30 days of booking.
  4. If we purchase a logo to be used to enter a contest or to present it as a concept to our clients and the design is not a winning contest entry or is not accepted by the client, LogoGround will not be obliged to issue a refund.
To be able to see good brand logos, I suggest going directly to the Logo Ground page here. Hopefully this article is useful.

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  1. It is important for Logo designers to show that they have a solid understanding of design through their logos. Maintain a restrained colour palette that follows design principles.