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Introduction What is Laravel

What is Laravel?

Learn Laravel Basics, Introduction What is Laravel Laravel is a PHP Web Application Framework. It just like CodeIgniter which is one of the well-known PHP frameworks before.

The Web Application Framework is a 'framework' designed to support the development of web applications. The framework referred to here is like a guide / procedure / standard / library that has been provided.

What is the purpose of a Framework?

When we talk about frameworks, what we imagine is the ease of making things. Indeed, the framework was created with the aim of automating common things that are usually done when building an application.

For example, for connection to database commands, database query commands, database processing commands, they are no longer written manually (natively), but a database library has been provided by the framework and the execution commands are simpler.

Who is made Laravel?

The creator of Laravel is Taylor Otwell. He is a developer who previously also used the CodeIgniter framework.

Taylor Otwell - Source by Twitter

However, for some reason, Taylor Otwell created an alternative PHP framework, Laravel. Laravel was first introduced in June 2011, when it was Laravel version 1. When this article was written, Laravel had arrived at version 8. 

Taylor Otwell has a philosophy for the Laravel Framework:

"We believe development must be an enjoyable creative experience to be truly fulfilling." - Taylor Otwell

What is the purpose of Laravel?

According to the official website, Laravel was created to make the development process enjoyable for developers, without sacrificing functionality. So developers can enjoy it. Happy Developers make the best code - Taylor Otwell.

Laravel Features

For details, see the official Laravel Site. However, in general Laravel has several features that I can summarize, like:

  1. MVC
  2. Templating Engine
  3. Artisan Console
  4. Eloquent ORM
  5. Authentication & Authorization
  6. Testing
  7. Packaging System
  8. Multiple File System
  9. Task Scheduling
  10. Websocket Programming
  11. Laravel Ekosistem

How to use Laravel?

To be able to use this Laravel framework, we have to install laravel and configure some things related to laravel.

For the installation and configuration guide, I made a separate from this page. If interested, go to the Laravel Installation & Configuration page.

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