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How to Install Ubuntu Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

 Install Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

How to Install the Latest Virtual Box on Ubuntu Linux Virtual Box is an Software that can run the operating system (OS) by virtually. 

VirtualBox was first released on January 15, 2007 Innotek GmbH a German software company. Then it was purchased by the American company Oracle and has been continuously developed since then and is known as Oracle Vm Virtual Box.

This application is very widely used for those who want to try out the latest OS distributions before they install it on their computer. VirtualBox is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOs, and Linux operating systems. 

And in this article I will share how to install the VirtualBox application on Linux, precisely on a Debain-based disto, Ubuntu.

To find out more about Oracle VirtualBox, please visit the official page here.

How Install VirtualBox Ubuntu Terminal

To be able to install the vm box application on the Ubuntu, Linux operating system, here I give the easiest way.

1. Download the Virtual Box .deb file by clicking the button below

2. Open the Terminal in Ubuntu, navigate  to the folder where the file is downloaded.

3. For example I have downloaded the virtualbox-6.1_6.1.26-145957_Ubuntu_eoan_amd64.deb file and the file is in the "Download" folder, then Install it using the command:

sudo dpkg -i Downloads/virtualbox-6.1_6.1.26-145957_Ubuntu_eoan_amd64.deb

4. Wait until finished.

How to Create a Virtual Machine in Virtualbox

Now, the Virtual Box software is installed on Ubuntu Linux. Please open the software, so that it appears as in the following:

Cara Membuat Virtual Machine di Virtualbox

Now, follow these steps:
  1. Click the New icon next to the Add icon or click the Machine menu > New
  2. Enter data such as OS Name, OS Type, and OS Version.
  3. For example, I want to install Linux Ubuntu OS. So the basic settings are like this:
    Name : Ubuntu
    Type : Linux
    Version : Ubuntu (64-bit)
  4. Then click Next
  5. Appears RAM memory allocation to be used. If desired, please change it but still in green. Here I choose to use the default which is 1GB.
  6. Then click Next, select Create a virtual hard disk now. Click Create.
  7. Select VDI (Virtual Box Disk Image), then click Next.
  8. Select Dynamically allocated, then select Next
  9. Now the File Location and Size will appear. Here we will create a partition for the system, and my suggestion for this size is at least we choose a size of 20GB.
  10. After that, go to the Settings menu

    Cara Membuat Virtual Machine di Virtualbox

  11. Then we select the Storage menu > Empty > Choose a disk file.

    How to Install Ubuntu Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

  12. Select the iso file of the os you want to install. Here I choose Ubuntu 20.04. Then click OK.
    Then click Start.

    How to Install Ubuntu Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

  13. Then Ubuntu will start. Please continue to install until it's finished.

    How to Install Ubuntu Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

How to fix Error

1. booting kernel failed invalid argument

This happens because the ISO file of the downloaded OS is problematic. Try downloading Ubuntu again. Then repeat the steps above again.

2. Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)

The VBox kernel driver is not loaded or installed properly. How to re-install virtualbox-dkms package .

sudo apt-get install build-essential module-assistant
sudo m-a prepare

then reboot or restart your Ubuntu Linux.


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