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How to Open Reddit Website Using DNS in Chrome

Unlock Blocked Reddit Access

How to Open Reddit Website Using DNS in Chrome - Some countries block access to the Reddit website for sensitive reasons. But besides that, there is also a lot of information or knowledge that we get from it.

I wrote this article based on my own experience when I wanted to read the forums for some of the programming solutions available on Reddit. One way to get access to Reddit is to use Cloudflare's DNS settings in Google Chrome.

But before I explain how, this guide is not to open the sensitivity gaps that exist on the reddit website, but with the aim of learning.

How to Setting Cloudflare DNS on Google Chrome

To be able to use DNS owned by CloudFlare, we have to go through the steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click "Three dots" or Menu on the top right
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click on the left menu "Privacy and Security"
  5. Click Security
  6. In the Advanced section, select Use Secure DNS
  7. In the With form, select Cloudflare (
  8. Done.
Now, please reload the Reddit page. Good luck.

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